Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Bride to be's Lingerie shower.

Little Man's Sunbeam teacher (a/k/a his Sunday School teacher at church), Miss Kaitlynn, is getting married next weekend at the Houston Texas temple.

Awww...brings back such special memories for me. This is where the Hubby and I were married. It is such a beautiful temple. You can see it here.

Some friends from church wanted to give Kaitlynn a lingerie shower and I told them I would help out by hosting it at my home. I felt that it was the least I could do since she does such a fabulous job of teaching our Little Man every Sunday. He is a live wire in Primary most Sundays, I must admit, so I know she has her hands full with him. ;-)

This past week was the shower. I sent the Hubby and Little Man out to dinner while we had the shower. I had to chuckle though when they walked in after having spent some quality time together (the shower went on much longer than we had expected)...and mind you...the Hubby is everyone's Bishop at church, so you can imagine the awkwardness when he walked in. ;-)

His eyes got really big and he turned every shade of red when he saw the string of "sexy underwear" hanging across our window in the front sitting area. Ha...ha... Needless to say, he said Hi to everyone and then made a B-line to the back room to escape all the estrogen in the room!

But Little Man, of course, well you know him....
He jumped right in and joined in on the fun by passing out party mints to all the ladies.

We are truly happy for you, Kaitlynn, and your sweet fiancee...wishing you both a blessed life together!!


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