Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Bad Day

The Little Man and I often read this book before bedtime...

Many of you are probably familiar with the story. If not, you can read about it here.

Today has pretty much been one of those days for us.

The Hubby bought himself a new iPhone 4 this past week. Something he rarely does---splurge on himself. He was so proud of it. It comes in handy for him with his line of work.

Today while at the car wash, as he was vacuuming my vehicle out for me, it slipped out of his phone holster that he wears on his side. We didn't realize it though until we were all the way across town an hour later.

We raced back to the car wash to look for it, but alas, it was no where to be found. His new iPhone 4 obviously has a new owner now. When we call the phone, it goes straight to voicemail. Whoever has it, they have turned the phone off. A technique we have learned now that is used in the event you don't want it to be tracked by "Mobile Me".

We've called the phone probably a hundred times today and sent text messages, just hoping that someone would pick up and tell us they have found it and where to meet them to pick it up. .

We even sent a text message that said, "Police locator activated..." ha..ha...there is no such thing, but hey---what the heck, we tried it anyway thinking it might make them answer the phone or get in touch with us.

No such luck.

We went to see a guy at the AT&T store this afternoon and he told the Hubby:

"Sir, you won't ever see that phone again."

"Oh, and also, since you exercised your upgrade with this phone, you are not eligible for another upgrade for 18months...if you want to purchase another one before then, you will have to pay the full price which is $599.oo."

"No thank you." the Hubby said.

We'll just be reactivating his old iPhone 1G it looks like and stick with that for another 18 months.

Yep, that's has most definitely been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Bad Day.

It just really stinks that there are people out there who have zero integrity. Whoever you are out there who has the Hubby's phone, I hope you are enjoying your new, all expense paid Apple iPhone 4.

What is that old Proverb saying ..."What goes around, comes around."

I hope you sleep well tonight knowing you kept something you found that doesn't belong to you, when you could have easily made the right decision and returned it to its rightful owner.

Oh well, in the end, it's only a worldly possession...not worth fretting over. And who knows, maybe you truly need it more than the Hubby.


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