Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Parent's Shopping Nightmare + Hello Fall...

Little Man

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." ~Elizabeth Stone

We are so, so, so very close to finishing the final touches on our master bedroom. Whew-weee!!! I decided last night that it was time to go shopping for a new comforter. Our old, quilt comforter just doesn't match the "vintage decor" that we are hoping for in this new room. So, I was able to sweet talk the Hubby into going with me to Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond. And let me tell ya, this was a rarity!! The Hubby H-A-T-E-S to go shopping, so you can imagine my shock and awe when he so easily agreed to go with. And of course, Little Man came along for this little shopping adventure as well. We didn't see anything that caught our eye at Macy's, however, before we could leave, Little Man insisted on riding the "Eschkalater"{more commonly referred to as escalator} a bajillion times. Being the loving and ever patient mommy and daddy we are, we took turns riding the "Eschkalater". Little Man loved it!

And then we were off to Bed, Bath and Beyond for more looking.

Anyone who has been in this huge home decor store can attest to the fact that there is way too much "eye candy" for anyone, much less a rambunctious and curious 4-year old boy. As soon as we stepped into the store, he was off and running. Let the chase begin...when in these situations, the Hubby and I try our best to tag-team it with our Little Man. I do a little looking and shopping while the Hubby does the chasing and corralling and then we switch...the Hubby does some looking while I do the chasing. This continued for about 30 minutes while we looked through all their selections of comforters. You find yourself as a parent becoming much less picky when you are out shopping with small children. Decisions need to be made much quicker and you try your best to just get in and out of a store as quickly as possible. We narrowed it down to these 2 selections:

{we really liked both comforters....the one on the right we liked better in the pastel blue hue instead of red...I couldn't find the picture of it in the blue, but you get the idea...}

Now, in the midst of discussing which comforter to purchase, we looked around and discovered that our little Man was GONE!!

The Hubby quickly said "You go that way to look {meaning the back of the store} and I'll head to the front of the store!"

And we were off and running...calling his name frantically. I quickly resorted to just pure-dee yelling his name out all throughout the store. I'm sure I looked like a mad woman to other people, but I didn't care.

All you parents reading this will sympathize I'm know all too well the nauseating, heart-pounding, panicked feeling you experience when you can't find your child in a large crowd or store. It is the absolute worst and most frightening feeling.

Within seconds of the Hubby reporting it to the store manager, the front doors of the store were immediately locked down and all employees were walking the aisles with walkie-talkies helping us look for him. Interestingly, their first question to the Hubby was, "What shoes was he wearing?" I found this to be a bit odd, but the store manager quickly explained that many kidnappers will put a different shirt on a child before taking them out of a store. Needless to say, we all frantically searched the store for a few minutes (what felt like hours to me) and as I was searching in the pillow section, I found him hiding there holding a large stuffed monkey he had found in the store. As I walked up on him....he was huddled down between the large, down-filled pillows, and he jumped out and said, "Here I am Mommy!"....

We were all completely relieved. I had the biggest lump in my throat and finally allowed myself to breathe. I literally didn't know whether to "ring his little neck" or to just hug him and never let go. The latter was my choice, but he did get a very stern talking to afterward from both the Hubby and me about staying with us when we are in a store or just out and about in a crowd. We gave a big thank-you {and apology for the inconvenience} to the store employees, paid for our new comforter and quickly exited the building.

My goodness...what is it about this age and kids wanting to hide or wander off from their parents when out in public??!! I am just so thankful nothing terrible happened and let's just say that Little Man will not be going with me to Bed, Bath and Beyond anytime soon again. And a huge thank-you again to this store and for how well organized and prepared they were in responding to our lost child. We were super impressed!

With that said, I shall digress no longer about our scare last night...what a blessing for us that Little Man was okay and a potential nightmare avoided.

Now on to a more light-hearted topic...

Today was the last day of Summer and therefore, you know what that means---Hello Fall!!!

I was looking around in Michaels the other day at all their pretty Fall decor. I am wanting to decorate my front porch, but not quite sure what I want to do. I'm not as motivated as I have been in year's past...I guess because we have been so focused on the master bedroom remodel, I'm just a little pooped and well, finding the time these days to do any additional decorating is just really difficult. I decided to look around online and get some inspiration from others out there.

Here are just a few doorway and indoor decorations that caught my eye:

And then, here are a few ideas with specific "How-To" instructions that I really like:

fall table topper bhg

Message in a Tree", courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

How To: Show your guests that you're thankful for them this fall with a tabletop tree full of leaves and personal messages. Arrange twigs vertically in an urn and anchor the arrangement with decorative rocks. Write short messages on decorative paper, punch a hole in one corner of each piece, and tie the notes to the twigs using skinny ribbon. Fill in spaces with colorful faux leaves, found at a crafts store. For added fun, sprinkle blank cards and writing utensils on the table for guests to write their own messages to add to the tree.

fall table topper 2 bhg

"Global Table Setting", courtesy of Better Homes & Garden

How To: Separate the globe's hemispheres and fill each one with colorful leaves, seedpods, small pumpkins and gourds, pinecones, and other fall items such as bittersweet. This arrangement is as attractive as it is easy.

fall table topper 3 bhg

"Autumn Candles Centerpiece", courtesy of Better Homes & Garden

How To: Choose a few favorite leaves from your lawn. Determine placement of leaves on each candle. Coat the backs of the leaves with decoupage medium and smooth in place on the outside of the candle. If necessary, use tacky white crafts glue to hold the stems down. Cover the sides of the candle and the leaves with one or more coats of decoupage medium.

fall table topper 4 bhg

Harvest of Flowers, Better Homes & Gardens

How To: Create this autumn centerpiece with a small pumpkin, a grocery store bouquet and some hot glue. Choose a bouquet of mums in harvest colors, and cut each flower at the top of its stem, just below each flower head. Attach each blossom to an uncut pumpkin with a little hot glue. Sprinkle colorful leaves and small gourds around the pumpkins for added interest.

vintage letter

Vintage Letter

Okay, folks! I know it isn't really a Fall decor item, but it is one that I stumbled on that I just love... How To: take an old addressed envelope that has special meaning {maybe an old addressed envelope that was sent by your grandparent}. Take it to your local printer and have it scanned and enlarged. Then frame it to hang in your home. I just LOVE this vintage look!

And lastly, if you are searching for a wealth of inspiration for all things Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, go check this out at Southern Living...

100 Ways to Decorate for Fall.



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  1. Oh my goodness, my heart was racing when I was reading the story about Noah because I couldn't help but think about how terrified I would be if that happened to me. I told Derick the story and he just said, "That's a parent's worst nightmare." So true. I am glad that you found him and that he's ok. What a little rascal.

    Oh, and both bedding sets are beautiful. I think the light blue one would look really nice, but I personally love the black and white one. I am looking for something similar, actually.

    Oh, and I love the idea of blowing up an old envelope and framing it! So cute!


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