Friday, September 3, 2010

Farewell summer.

2010-09-01 Noah 4th b-day part 23

Little Man's grandparents bought him this great Rocket Splash Sprinkler for his birthday and since the summer days and late nights are drawing to a close, we thought it would be fun to set it up and have some fun together. I had to stay as far back as I could while taking the pictures so I could protect my baby..."Ahem"... I mean my Canon! ;-) I have to watch and protect her like a hawk when my Little man is playing with the water hose or sprinkler outside. He probably tires of mommy yelling out, "Don't spray the camera!!!!"

Noah 4th b-day part 2 089

He was a little apprehensive about his new rocket at first....

2010-09-01 Noah 4th b-day part 22

Daddy came to the rescue and began showing him how to operate it {at least that was his excuse to start playing with it... ;-) }

And that is all it took...Little Man had the hang of it.

2010-09-01 Noah 4th b-day part 26

2010-09-01 Noah 4th b-day part 25

2010-09-01 Noah 4th b-day part 24

Noah 4th b-day part 2 188

Noah 4th b-day part 2 184-1

2010-09-01 Noah 4th b-day part 27

2010-09-01 Noah 4th b-day part 28

Farewell summer, we will miss you...well, kind of. ;-)

What I won't miss when you are gone:
1.) I most definitely won't miss your sweltering, miserable 100 + degree heat and humidity or...
2.)Those God-awful mosquitoes you sent our way...

But, what I will miss:
1.) Our summer vacation fun...
2.) The wonderful family time we enjoyed...hanging out in our beautiful backyard on those late evenings of yours, and playing in the sprinklers until the wee hours listening to my son giggle and laugh as he gets sprayed.

Look forward to seeing you again next year!

But, hopefully with some lighter, more bearable temperatures...

Now bring on the absolute favorite season of all.


Have a blessed Labor Day weekend everyone...I am so looking forward to mine. My baby brother, sister-in-law and nephew are coming in town to stay with us. It will be so nice to see our family.

P.S. Stay tuned next week for my fun fall giveaway!!!

I really think you will really like it... ;-)




  1. It is hard to tell who had the most fun, Noah or Jody! :-) We're glad they enjoyed the water rocket! Kiki and Poppy

  2. I know!!! They REALLY had a blast, thank you so much for the gift, Mom. We were laughing so hard the entire time! I had to keep running to escape them as they kept trying to get me wet. I had a great excuse though because I was the one holding an expensive camera and they couldn't touch me. ;-)


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