Friday, August 6, 2010

Room decor.

Last December we bought our Casa. It's nothing grand by any means, but we love it so. For us, it has that warm, special feel to it the minute you walk in the door...a quality that most older homes have after they have been given the right amount of TLC. The previous owners put quite a bit of work into it and then we have done some painting of our own in various rooms as well as a bathroom remodel in the master bath. We still have much to do, but we are doing it a little at a time and enjoying the process of making it our own.

Our focus these past several weeks has been the master bedroom. The hubby has hired out some of the work and has also enjoyed doing the rest of the work himself on the weekends when he has time. He enjoys tinkering and working with his hands. I think it is a nice outlet for him-- a great way to wipe away the stress from his work week as this. He is quite talented at this remodeling gig...repairing and fixing things around the house. A talent he most definitely inherited from his father.

As we get closer to wrapping up the painting and trim work in this room, we will then lay the hard wood floor. We've already purchased the flooring. It has been nesting in the middle of our master bedroom in boxes waiting to be laid. In the mean time, I am beginning to try and formulate what style I want for this room. I am beginning to feel I am in dire need of some room decor inspiration.

I've been pouring over decorating magazines in my free time. Here are just a few beautifully decorated rooms that stood out and have given me some ideas:

Our room is wider than it is deep, but I am still hopeful we can incorporate a seating area.

Above is a corkboard calendar for the whole family...pretty sweet if you ask me!!

Love this hardy pine wood flooring in this entryway.

I could always go with the warm/brown hue route with my decor.

Or, I could go with black, white, red color tones...our master bedroom suit would look nice with these hues. I don't think the hubby would like this though...he's not a fan of these colors.

There's the "go-green"/ Earthy look...

The coastal, simple chic look is attractive to me. I like the wood look on walls.

Or the romantic style is always something I am partial to...

So many decorating ideas floating around in my head. It's fun to dream of what I want it to look like. The challenge for me is that I really haven't been able to commit to a particular style. Modern is definitely not us, so that is out for sure. And then I have a rather large, black, California-king, Old world bedroom suit that I need to decorate around. Aargh!....decisions, decisions. I still have a lot of time to pull the look together since we are not in rush to get this room completed. We have way too many other priorities and commitments in our life right now, all of which seem to be pushing this project back down the list. Alas, the joys and challenges of doing home remodel jobs on a shoe-string budget when life is just too hectic and busy.

--All images for this post were taken from House Beautiful and Southern Living.



  1. oh i love soo many of these pics you posted, at least 5 things from each picture...haha! you have great taste! love the corkboard calendar as i'm trying to find creative things for my office - and the notes/photo chandelier in the black and white photo is incredible! how fun for you!

  2. thanks rachelle...i wish i could afford to have my own personal decorator come in and replicate several of these designs in my casa {ha...ha.. in my dreams!!}. i love the corkboard idea so much. just trying to figure out where i can incorporate that one.


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