Saturday, August 21, 2010

In the midst of our bedroom remodel...

2010-08-21 remodel

Anyone out there who has lived through a home remodel project should appreciate this.

As you well know, there are certain materials and tools you get used to stepping over, cleaning up and seeing lying around the house. You also get used to electricians, painters, trim carpenters and other hired workers coming and going through your house. Especially those early morning hours when I am trying to shower, dress, put on my make-up, dry my hair and move around the house as inconspicuous as possible without being seen by these strangers in my home.

Then there are the frequent trips on the weekends to Lowe's and Home Depot to buy materials and working on remodel/fix-it activities with the hubby and little man...all of which can become very interesting when you have a curious 3 (almost 4)- year old running around and getting into all the "home improvement stuff". Chaotic to say the least at times...but more often than not, a lot of laughing and joking around together when we are working on something for the remodel.

remodel 006

The hubby has a great little helper...

remodel 008

remodel 007

remodel 005

It isn't unusual for Little Man and me to sometimes get a little sidetracked and lose focus on the job that hubby has assigned us...

remodel 009
This really frustrates the Hubby.

remodel 036
Like when I pull out my camera and start snapping pictures ...

remodel 013

Little man loves to borrow mommy's camera and take some pictures of his own...the shot above on the left is his handy work. He made a specific request on this one for mommy to lean into the lens so he could see me better. lovely wrinkles stand out a bit too much when the camera is this close!

And to end my work week, the Hubby walked into my office with these on Friday afternoon...

the note read:

"Just Because"...

And so, while we still have more work to do on our master bedroom remodel, we are enjoying the "journey" and the family fun we are having through this process.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!



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