Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fritos, do-nuts and other random stuff.

2010-08-15 weekend 8.14

Our random weekend began with this little gem on Friday night around 10:00 P.M. ...

Little man getting busted eating a bag of Fritos {in his closet I might add} instead of being fast asleep in his bed like his mommy and daddy thought he was.

He was so busted...

2010-08-15 weekend 8.141

He did fall fast asleep soon after though with a full tummy.

2010-08-15 weekend 8.142

On Saturday, we woke up early and drove to one of our favorite breakfast spots. Along the way, I had to check in on on my new store front...

...y'all didn't realize I had "hidden talents" that I was keeping secret!!

ha...ha...just kidding...those are skills I most definitely DO NOT have.

2010-08-15 weekend 8.144

In Texas, we are proud to say that we are the original home to Shipley Do-Nuts. And, about 4 blocks from our casa is one of their slices of heaven. We like to frequent our local Shipleys on Saturday mornings...and well, on Monday mornings, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday get the picture now don't ya??!!

Let's just say the ladies that work the counter pretty much know us by name now...

2010-08-15 weekend 8.143

Our typical order is this:

1.) a dozen donut holes + chocolate milk=all Little Man
2.) a half dozen of their famous warm glazed donuts= Hubby and me share

They literally melt in your mouth!

2010-08-15 weekend 8.145

The 1st bite, then chew and yes...once it hits Little man's tummy...euphoria sets in!!

2010-08-15 weekend 8.147

But if you ask Little Man to share any of his donut holes...this is the usual response...

He gets a little stingy with his holes!

2010-08-15 weekend 8.148

Afterwards, we took a relaxing drive around town listening to mamacita's new CD, Fireflies and Songs by Sara Groves...muchas gracias to Jennifer for the recommendation.

2010-08-15 weekend 8.149

We enjoyed some time at the park, but it only lasted about 30 minutes.

Waaaayyy too hot!! This 100 degree weather is for the birds.

Cool, breezy fall weather...please hurry and come our way.

2010-08-15 weekend 8.146

Captured a few of the pretty blooms that were left on the trees at the park, all of which have surprisingly survived the sweltering heat...

2010-08-15 weekend 8.1410

Oooh-la-la...the hubby watched Little Man for a while so I could enjoy a little retail therapy at Karlas...their annual tent sale was going on this weekend. You can always find all kinds of amazing gifts and jewelry at Karlas.

2010-08-15 weekend 8.1411

We then spent some time with an old and dear friend of the Hubby's who was in town visiting from Houston. We took him to eat at one of our favorite sushi restaurants in town, Kumori. The Hubby and Mike met while in law school {they are both Aggies, too} and have remained close friends to this day. I enjoyed getting to know him a little better and of course Little Man loved getting to hang out with "Mr. Mike" as he affectionately began calling him during the course of our lunch...

2010-08-15 weekend 8.1412

While Mr. Mike and the Hubby were finishing up the sushi in Kumori, Little Man was getting a little too restless waiting, so we had fun hanging out taking some random, silly pictures.

2010-08-15 weekend 8.1413

This afternoon, I pulled out my random purchases from Karlas and showed the Hubby. Of course he asked how much it all cost....I smiled and told him I got everything for under $100.

I figured that's all he needed to know. ;-)

After church today, we sat down for a nice home cooked meal that yours truly prepared that was made like this. It was oh-so-tasty. At one point while we were eating, I had to go into the kitchen to grab some more bread for the boys and I heard them giggling together in the dining room. When I came back in they both just smiled at me and went back to eating. I didn't really think much of it until later tonight when the Hubby and I had finished getting Little Man down to sleep.

The Hubby then decided to share with me what they were laughing and giggling about at dinner...

Little Man said the following to the Hubby....

"Guess what Daddy??...Mommy tooted in the bed!"

Ummm...oh my!...don't quite know where he got that one, but it made for one hysterical laugh between the Hubby and me this evening. :-)




  1. Sounds like a fun time! Those pics with the donut holes are sooo cute! what a handsome little guy and he looks so joyful! being caught with the chips made me laugh out loud! And I love your purchases from the tent sale! beautiful!

  2. I read the tooting in bed part and forgot all my brilliant comments. ;)

    I did some retail therapy this week, too. You just have to sometimes. I always claim that I'm "trying to make our house a home." How does a hubby say NO to that?!?

    Good times. :)

  3. Yep...the toot'in was bound to throw someone off! Out of the mouth of babes...what can I say. ;-) It leaves me to wonder what other "tall tales" my little guy is telling others about his mommy and daddy! And you are so right...a little retail therapy is so good for the soul! Great to hear from you, Amy!


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