Monday, July 26, 2010

Sun, surf and turtle time.

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 160

Special memories were made during my parent's visit to South Texas...

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 012

Here is the cake that little man helped me make for KiKi and Poppy. We all enjoyed nibbling on it over the weekend.

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 020

KiKi and Poppy's plane was about an hour late arriving, so little man became a little overly anxious in the car as we drove around the airport waiting for their arrival.

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 024

We experienced all kinds of emotions during the wait for their arrival...some a little more trying for mommy than others!

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 027

Awww...the phone call finally came in from KiKi that their plane had landed. Little man was super excited at this point to see his grandparents.

2010-07-26 Mom and Dad- july visit 2010

We took KiKi and Poppy to eat at KoKo's for dinner their first night here. The hubby and I are convinced that KoKo's has the best fajitas and lemonade in town.

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 031

2010-07-26 Mom and Dad- july visit 20101

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 056

We took advantage of every opportunity to take family pics during their visit.

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 054

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 051

Thank goodness Little Man enjoys posing for the camera...

2010-07-26 Mom and Dad- july visit 20105

Poppy took Little Man to the golf shop while KiKi and I went shopping. Poppy bought Little Man his very own pee-wee set of golf clubs and a gorilla club cover to go with them. Poppy said that Little Man picked the gorilla out all by himself. As you can see, he was super excited to show it to us when they walked out of the store.

2010-07-26 Mom and Dad- july visit 20102

On Day 2, we headed to Padre Island for some fun in the sun. We stayed at a friend's condo that is on the beach and what a beautiful, serene place they have. I couldn't resist capturing the look and feel of their place with my camera.

2010-07-26 Mom and Dad- july visit 20103

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 110

2010-07-26 Mom and Dad- july visit 20104

Mom and Dad- July 2010 visit 129

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 109

I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was worried the entire time that Little Man was going to break something or spill his drink on the furniture in the condo....yes, I know, an overbearing mommy I am. Ugh...what can I say? I covered the couch with towels and blankets to help keep it safe from my 3 year old's wild and willy ways.

Thankfully...all my efforts proved to be successful. We left the condo with everything intact and no signs that a 3 year old had even been there. Whew!

Mom and Dad- July 2010 visit 177

Our beautiful view from the condo balcony.

Dad and Noah at beach

Little Man and Poppy enjoyed some quality time together looking for seashells and playing in the water. KiKi enjoyed it as well, but she was behind the camera most of the time taking some of these pictures.

Dad and Noah at beach1

I was really shocked that Little Man wasn't turned off by the salty ocean water. Surprisingly, he seemed to enjoy the ocean more than the swimming pool.

2010-07-26 Mom and Dad- july visit 20106

For us, one cannot go to the Island without eating at Dirty Al's. We LOVE this place, so we couldn't miss out on taking my parents to try it out. At the last minute, KiKi opted to go to an art show instead {no surprise there...she hates seafood} but Poppy went with us and he enjoyed chowing down on some broiled shrimp. The hubby went with his usual, the shrimp basket and I with my favorite, the fried fish basket. Little Man sampled all of ours and left with a full tummy. Yum...yum...

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 153

Later we took them to the Sea Turtle Rescue Center on the Island. They really enjoyed this adventure and Little Man had fun showing them around. ;-)

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 138

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 137
KiKi got some amazing up-close pictures of the sea turtles.

Mom and Dad- july visit 2010 141

Little Man {as usual} had difficulty following the rules of keeping your fingers out of the turtle pools. Thank goodness these pools were just for the teeny-tiny babies...otherwise, he might have lost a finger or two. Yikes! The sea turtles have a mean bite we were told.



Just before we left the Rescue Center, Little Man had to have one last look at one of the turtle pools. And, well...this is where the sunglasses and turtle folley occurred...

Notice the picture on the left below...Little Man's glasses begin to slip off of his head...

and land in the turtle pool!!



In a split second, Mr. Turtle dove for them and clamped down on them with that serious bite of his...


And this is what was left of Little Man's sunglasses...


Poor guy...he wasn't too happy when the workers pulled the remains of his glasses out of the pool with their net.

I think he learned his lesson finally about that serious bite of theirs....

KiKi and Poppy--we had so much fun hanging out with you. We love you both so very much and can't wait until you can come again for a visit. Special memories were made this weekend. Little Man can't stop talking about getting in the ocean with you two.

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