Sunday, June 6, 2010

June flowers make me happy.

6.5.10-flowers 010

This past week seemed to be a bit more stressful than most. I was busy juggling my normal obligations and routine but then on top of that, trying to find time for a presentation I had to give on Saturday. I was asked to present on the topic of "The Boy Crisis in America" (click here and here to learn more about this...) at the Rio Grande Valley Pre-school Director Association. It is something I have been interested in for quite some time--stemming from my time as an elementary classroom teacher, school administrator and now as the mother of a 3 year old boy. I must say though that I had difficulty trying to prepare for this presentation because of my little fella wanting my undying attention every waking moment. I struggled during the week finding some quiet time to gather my thoughts, the materials I needed, etc. --all of which added to my stress. In the end though, I was able to pull everything together like I wanted and my presentation yesterday proved to be everything I had hoped it would be. Whew...what a relief!

I came home afterward super relieved to be done. The first thing I did when I walked in the door was throw off my shoes and head to our backyard. I was so ready to just relax with my two fellas who were hanging out in the backyard watering all the plants and flowers. I love to walk around our backyard barefoot looking at all the flowers that are in bloom. The cool grass feels so good on my feet and the smell of the flowers just seems to calm me and lift my spirits. I was so happy to see so many of our flowers in bloom, despite the 100 degree heat we are already having down here in the Rio Grande Valley.

We just bought our home this past December and so we didn't plant any of the plants and flowers in our yard
(the previous owners did). I really have no idea what many of the flowers and plants are--which is a little frustrating. Now that they are in full bloom...I really want to find out so I can plant more and make sure I am caring for them properly. I decided to pull out my Canon and start snapping some pics. It was fun playing with the camera settings (ISO, etc.) and my oh-so-awesome 50 mm lens. Here are just a few I thought I would share with you...

front yard flowers 6.6.10 035
{-2-...we think this one is a Hibiscus??}

front yard flowers 6.6.10 036

front yard flowers 6.6.10 039
One of the many soon-to-be blooms on our Magnolia tree...

front yard flowers 6.6.10 044

front yard flowers 6.6.10 032

front yard flowers 6.6.10 031

front yard flowers 6.6.10 029

front yard flowers 6.6.10 026

front yard flowers 6.6.10 024

front yard flowers 6.6.10 018

front yard flowers 6.6.10 020
Ixora in bloom...

front yard flowers 6.6.10 017

front yard flowers 6.6.10 034

front yard flowers 6.6.10 016

front yard flowers 6.6.10 014

front yard flowers 6.6.10 009

front yard flowers 6.6.10 001

6.5.10-flowers 013

6.5.10-flowers 014

6.5.10-flowers 015

6.5.10-flowers 004

6.5.10-flowers 017
{-9-}...the hummingbirds love to come drink from this one.

6.5.10-flowers 018

6.5.10-flowers 022

I look forward to many relaxing evenings on this porch this summer.

P.S. If any of you can tell me in the comment section the names of these flowers, that would be great!!! I've placed a number under the ones I am most interested in finding the name for... to make it easier for you to reference in the comment section if you have the name for it.

Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday...


  1. Hey Jenn, the flowers are gorgeous. I think I can help you out with a few. #1 is a bougainvillea; you're correct on #2, it is a hibiscus; #3 looks like a type of hydrangea; #6 and 8 are crepe myrtles; the blue plant might be plumbago; #10 possibly a type of bird of paradise; and if I'm not mistaken the 'bud' of the magnolia is actually what is left after they have least that's what mine look like after the bloom has faded. I'd love to have some of the flowers you have!

  2. No idea, but they are pretty. The first seasons in a new place are always full of fun surprises. What a beautiful backyard and what a handsome little guy you have.


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