Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day 2010 103

I know honey how much you dislike me taking pictures of you, but it meant so much to me today for you to be okay with it.

We enjoyed relaxing together as a family this morning before church...having quality time to celebrate Daddy!!! Little man wanted to spend time with his Daddy hanging out in his own bedroom--just the two of them. Thankfully, he let mommy be a {very quiet} observer in the corner with my camera.

He showed Daddy how all his trucks, cars and planes worked and then showed off his alphabet skills by going through his flashcards with Daddy. Oh how little man loves his Daddy-time!! It makes my heart melt to watch the two of them together...he truly is everything I ever dreamed of in a husband and more.

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Father's Day 2010 105
Father's Day 2010 108

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Little man truly cherishes his time with his Daddy--as does my hubby. It is such a wonderful gift for me to see them talking and hanging out together. The hubby has such a way with our son and I know as the years go by and our son grows into manhood...what a blessing this relationship will be for him as he struggles with figuring out where he fits into this crazy world of ours. My hubby is a strong leader and companion in our home and continually teaches his son how to live a righteous and worthy life. Our little man truly is blessed to have him as his father.

Father's Day 2010 078

Afterwards, we ate pancakes, drank root beer and cream soda, and even snacked on some of Daddy's homemade ceviche---umm...YUMMY!!

Father's Day 2010 059

Father's Day 2010 056

Sunny June afternoon 285

And momma made Daddy some tasty homemade double-doozie frosting cookies out of these! Nope...we were most definitely NOT watching the calories on this Father's Day!!!!

And was off to church where little man was to sing with the Primary for a Father's Day sacrament presentation.

Father's Day 2010 112

Daddy opened his first gift after we got home from church...

Father's Day 2010 114

Father's Day 2010 115

Little Man made this for him today in Primary. Oh...Daddy was so proud of it!! It really is the cutest thing. And, below is the little note that was attached...

Father's Day 2010 116

Father's Day 2010 117
Father's Day 2010 123

Someone { ;-)..} insisted on opening all of Daddy's presents for him...

Father's Day 2010 132

Father's Day 2010 147
Father's Day 2010 138

Father's Day 2010 145

It is hard to describe in words the loving and caring father my hubby is to our son. He is one of the most physically and mentally-strong human beings I know, yet it is so special for me to to have a front row seat and watch him be a father in the private and quiet moments in our home...his heart and overall being literally melts when he is with our son. He loves him so very much and takes advantage of every moment possible to spend time with him and teach him about both life and gospel principles.

My hubby touches my heart like no other person can and makes my life complete. I love you sweetie with all my heart!

Happy Father's Day, babe!

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  1. sooo sweet! way to capture the beauty of the day!! you can just tell how much noah adores his awesome daddy!! miss u guys!


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