Monday, May 3, 2010

"I Want to P-A-R-T-Y, Mommy!"

All last week, little man kept telling me, "Mommy, I want to go party!". He would exclaim this loudly in the car every day when we drove past Peter Piper Pizza. He obviously correlates all the rides and games they have there with a "party". It is so cute to hear him say this with his little lisp. There is never a day that he doesn't bring many smiles to my face, that's for sure!

I promised him that if he was a good boy, we would go "party" on Friday. Of course, Friday came and since he had been such a sweetie all week, the hubby and I couldn't resist taking him. He was so, so, so excited! So much, in fact, it was difficult to corral him in long enough to sit down and eat his pizza and treats.

Party! 010

Party! 012

Party! 020

Party! 021

Party! 024

Party! 025

Party! 036

Party! 038

Party! 058

Party! 060

Party! 073

Party! 074

Party! 078

Party! 089

Party! 094

Party! 107

Party! 126

Party! 128

"Mommy...I do it by myself!!"

Party! 130

Party! 131

Party! 133

Party! 136

Party! 138

Party! 146

Playing with a few of his prizes after wards at home that he won at Peter Piper...

Party! 148

Party! 156

We had so much fun "partying" together as a family.

I love my two fellas so very much!

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