Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To my baby brother...Happy 32nd!

jeff and cake

"Dear Brother---
You always give so much of yourself
To the people that are around you
Adding a richness to their lives
By all the things you do

You have a special heart
One that is full of caring...
your heart is filled with genuine love
A love that you're always sharing

You're someone I can count on
When I need a helping hand
You're compassionate and loving
You always understand

I'm so thankful to have someone in my life
Who has a heart so true
Very few people
Are as loving as you my dear brother!"

-Author Unknown

baseball brothers
(L-R: Barry Pilcher, Jeff Bishop, Kent Haws, Brian Bishop, Jason Hurt, Brent Bishop)

Oh, how I remember all those summer nights at the baseball park watching you guys play ball....yea, I know...I did my fair share of whining and griping about having to sit through the games, but they really were good times for all of us--great friendships and fun memories were made at the baseball park in the summers of our childhood.

And, I especially enjoyed getting to eat all those rainbow snow cones with you!

first day of school with brothers

One of our lovely "First Day of School" pics that Mom would take each year in front of our house!

I still remember you sneaking in on all my slumber parties --usually while we were watching a scary movie. You would inevitably snuggle next to one of the girls with your very own sleeping bag and teddy bear. We loved having you there with us!

One of the fringe benefits I guess for you of having a big sister!

jeff and golf

Your early golf days in high school...

jeff in tournament

And your passion for golf has never can you drive a golf ball hard and far!! We all love to watch you play!

jeff at house

(Jeff on his mission in Idaho)

I don't know if I've ever told you how proud I was of you for taking the leap of faith to serve a mission. The first one in our family to go and what a blessing that decision proved to be for our entire family!

jeff and jenn

The two of us hanging out in Dallas...I loved all our dinner get-togethers and getting to hang out more back then. I still crack up when I think about that day you kicked both me and Brian out of your apartment! that was some good family drama we will always look back on and laugh about!

Seriously though...what a blessing you were to me at the time this picture was taken.
To have you by my side during a very difficult time in my life meant the world to me- more than you will ever fully know. Your constant love, support, friendship and encouragement helped me through a very painful divorce. You were a "rock" to me dear brother gave me the strength to stay the course. You encouraged me to never give up faith that I would find happiness again. And, oh how thankful I am today that I listened to you brother all those years ago and followed your advice {see even little brothers can give great advice to their big sistas!}...I most definitely found that happiness that you promised!
Living the Gospel and keeping the commandments are truly the keys to finding peace and happiness in this life--thank you for your example of keeping one's faith in the midst of life's trials.

jeff and marcus

It warms my heart more than you'll ever know to see you so happy with your beautiful wife and son. You are a special fella and bring much happiness to all that you come in contact with- we love those great, big bear hugs and that huge, loving heart of yours!

jeff, jill and marcus

May you have a wonderful birthday brother...

I love you!


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  1. The picture with your brother on his mission with the older couple they are in my ward here in Pocatello. How funny is that.


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