Friday, May 21, 2010

This past week.

There is this new train at our mall. It is the cutest thing and our little man almost went bonkers when we stumbled onto it this past week while strolling through the mall.

He absolutely L-O-V-E-S trains.

He loves playing with trains.
He loves reading about trains.
He loves watching movies about trains...his favorite being the Polar Express.

We couldn't pass this moment up. So with mommy and daddy in tow--we all 3 rode the mall train. Our little man was so cute as the conductor. Thank goodness I had my camera in my purse. We had the best time watching him enjoy the train ride. You catch the train just outside of JCPenney's and it takes you all around the mall and back. My cheeks were hurting I was smiling and laughing so much.

Isn't it amazing what you will do for your children. I mean seriously...if you would have asked me pre-Mommy stage if I would ever think about getting on a train and riding it around the mall, waving at strangers all gitty, I would have asked you what you were smoking??!!! that I am a mommy--heck yeah---you better believe it! I didn't even think twice about climbing on that little train with my son. In fact, I love him so much it hurts some times! I am guessing because my chance to become a parent has come later in life, I find myself making a more conscious effort to "be there" more with my son. I don't mean just physically be there...but be there emotionally and spiritually for him. To be there enthusiastically...even when I am feeling tired or want to be doing something else. I find that I am savoring every minute with my son more these days. I think this is mostly because I have lived on this earth 38 years now and have had certain life experiences that have humbled me and helped me realize how precious this time is with my young son. I know all too well how quickly it will be over -- they grow up too fast and that motivates me to cherish this time with our little man as much as I can. Even if that means riding the mall train every time we go there!

Heck...I may even ask to wear the conductor hat next time!

noah on train

noah on train

noah on train

Daddy being such a good sport!

noah on train

He could barely contain his excitement.

noah and the train

Our ride on the train took us all around the mall. I must admit, my booty was quite sore afterwards...the seats were really not made for adults to ride in.

But the pain was so worth it to see our little man so happy!

noah and train

Me, my little man and my very SORE booty!

noah and cow

He fell in love with the cow...seriously, we couldn't get him to let the poor cow go.

noah and elmo

The other night, the hubby put together little man's new racetrack. After a while of playing with it, little man jumped up and ran into his room while saying, "I want Elmo to play!" He wanted to show Elmo his new racetrack.

These two have become very close lately. He kind of lost interest in Elmo a while back and so we didn't replace the batteries after they died. But about a month ago, the hubby replaced the batteries and Elmo is our new best friend now.

He loves to shower Elmo with kisses and hugs.

They even read books to one another and sing and dance together.

I will never tire of seeing the innocence, imagination and love of a child at work.

So precious...

Happy Friday my friends!


  1. Being an "older" mother, myself...I too cherish the "little" things. Oh Little Man will be 9 this year and in 3rd grade. Savor every moment. We are blessed!

  2. Your little boy's adorable!! Just found your blog today...thought i'd say hi :)

  3. My mom and dad, and I think even Tedd and Jeannine, did the exact same thing for me when there was a little train at the Longview Mall. And I loved every minute they did.

  4. :) what a fun experience for him to have you guys ride with him!!! awesome!! (except for sore bootys!!} lol ;)


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