Friday, May 28, 2010

Little man and The Dentist.

noah and his new truck


{Little man posing with his new truck just after his dentist appointment on Monday}

"To live is to be slowly born."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

One might say my little man is slowly being born--day-by-day. What a priceless and magical gift it is to have a front-row seat on the miracle of his development.

This week we had a fun experience I thought I would share...

Little man had his first "official" visit to The Dentist....and ***gasp!*** this Dentist was not his Poppy (my father...a/k/a Dr. Bishop).

I think it may have been harder for me than for little man to take him to see a dentist other than my father. But, sadly, since we now live 10 hours from my father's dental practice, it is time to bite the bullet and get in with a local dentist so we can ensure more regular dental's becoming more and more difficult to find time to get back to our hometown for our dental appointments .... drats!!!

We heard about this super nice pediatric dentist from a friend and scheduled the appointment about 3 weeks ago. Since then, we have been trying to prepare our little man as much as possible for his dental appointment. We have been having regular discussions about what a Dentist is, talking about how it is what Poppy does for his professions and why it is important to see a Dentist. All the while...he seemed most concerned with "the machines" that the Dentist might use to clean his teeth. He hates (with a passion) his nebulizer (breathing machine) scares the life out of him and he was worried the Dentist would have a similar machine that has "fire" that comes out of it (this is his description of his nebulizer--a fire machine). Well, on Monday of this week, the big day came and mommy and son went together.

We were both a bit nervous. I so badly did not want him to have a terrible experience and from then on dread "The Dentist".

Little man clenched my hand very tightly the entire time in the waiting room. And, of course, we had to bring along his constant companion, Pebbles. After waiting 15 minutes in the waiting room, they called us back to the office. The dental assistant could immediately see that little man was a bit overwhelmed because he buried his face in my chest and would not look at her. She was so sweet though and handled it in the kindest way. She pulled out this cute Nemo fish that had a full set of human teeth (a bit weird looking, but it worked!) and began showing him how to brush his teeth. This grabbed his attention and I could feel his anxiety level wane at this point.

The Dentist then came into the room and immediately began to interact with our little man by letting him play with the dental instruments, singing the "ABC" song with him and then even cleaning Pebble's teeth. I can tell you (I know this is going to sound so sexist) but it made all the difference that she was a woman. He was much more comfortable with her tender love and care approach and when it came time to lay back and let her clean his teeth, he willingly did it....

but he still had a death grip on mommy's hands through the entire cleaning.

Afterward, the Dentist picked him up in her arms and carried him to the toy box where she gave both he and Pebbles their own stickers. Little man picked out a few little toys and was beaming from ear to ear. He then gave her a big bear hug and kissed her on the cheek.

She turned to me and said, "Well that made my day...I normally recommend for my patients to come back every 6 months, but I sure wouldn't mind if you bring your son every 3 months." It was really sweet...he definitely charmed the Dentist during our visit.

As a reward for being so good during his teeth cleaning, we left the dental office and headed straight to Target where he made a B-line to to the toy section and selected his new truck. Whew!!! Mommy was really happy that he had such a good experience and that the Dentist said his teeth looked great.

I have to say though, as I was holding his hands and singing with The Dentist to him, during the cleaning, I couldn't help but get a little teary eyed and think to myself....

how thankful I am to be able to experience another "First" with my dear son.

What a blessing it is as his mother to have this front row seat in his life!

P.S. For all you mothers out there...
A few years ago, just after we brought our little man home from the hospital and while we were awaiting the adoption finalization, I read a wonderful book by Jane Clayson.

Click here to read one of my favorite stories included in her book.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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