Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good times had.

5.23.10 007

By Friday evening, we all came home starving from a long day (and well week, too!) i.e. work, pre-school, meetings, etc....for some reason it is always that way for us by late Friday afternoon/evening. We seem to be hungrier than usual on Friday nights. Seriously, what's up with that??

The little man immediately made a B-line to the fridge {after we picked him up from his pre-school} and he wanted him some chocolate pudding....Sugar-free, of course!

They had a birthday party at his school for one of his classmates and made these little sun visors as party favors. He was proud of what he had made. I was surprised he left it on for so long. Normally hats are not his thing....

5.23.10 008

5.23.10 012

5.23.10 016

He needed a little help from Daddy opening it...

5.23.10 021

Digging in...

5.23.10 024

Boy does he L-O-V-E his pudding I tell ya!

5.23.10 043

After eating some good grub, we moved to the backyard for some Friday evening relaxing in the backyard. It is so nice down in the Rio Grande Valley in the evenings. No matter how hot it gets during the day {and let me tell gets crazy H-O-T down here- we are already tipping the scales nearing the 100 degree mark} -- yet, in the evenings the temperature drops to a very comfortable level as our cool coastal gulf breeze blows in.

It feels absolutely wonderful!!

This is usually when we spend most of our time outside.

Our little man has discovered the sprinkler and that after Daddy sets it up, he can move it bugs Daddy a little I can tell, but he let's him have his fun anyway.

Wherever the sprinkler ends up...

5.23.10 028

we never really know!

5.23.10 034

On Saturday, we had a babysitter {one of little man's pre-school teachers whom he loves} come and stay with him while the hubby and I headed to South Padre Island to spend the night for some much needed R&R.

It is soooooo nice to only live an hour from the beach. We left by 3:00pm and were pulling onto the island by 4:00pm.

5.23.10 061

Just a few pics from the main drag of the island....

5.23.10 047

5.23.10 049

5.23.10 050

5.23.10 066

5.23.10 074

I sure love this man!!!

5.23.10 076

5.23.10 079

We will definitely be coming back soon to do some fishing!

5.23.10 083

The beautiful bay view at sunset...

5.23.10 072

Yum...yum...we dined at Dirty Al's and ate some fabulous fried fish-- I literally could feel my arteries clogging as I was eating it.

Oh well...what the hey...I don't get to enjoy fried fish enough {especially since we now live so far away from David Beard's Catfish Village!-- my Gilmer peeps will understand this!}

5.23.10 097

After dinner, we headed to the island's little, bitty movie theater and saw this movie...


We got there a little early so we had the entire theater to ourselves to fool around....

with the camera that is!


south padre at the movies

south padre at the movies

south padre at the movies

We really enjoyed Robin Hood and the island in general...

Good times were most definitely had this weekend...we look forward to more family time at South Padre Island!

Life is good in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas...


  1. Oh how I miss that place so many good memories made there. Reading your blog makes me a little homesick for Southern Texas. I have been meaning to ask you is Amy GOnzales in your ward?


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