Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Choice...


I had a precious "mommy moment" yesterday that I will forever remember. I was faced with a difficult personal choice..basically it entailed whether or not to take advantage of a potential exciting professional opportunity or do what my heart was screaming for me to do...stay home with my son and focus on my family. I made the right choice in the end and feel a great sense of peace in my heart about it, but man-oh man, it was not easy. My family is my number one priority and I want them to always know that, but I was most definitely feeling the world tug at my heart. And, this is where my mommy moment came about... in the midst of trying to make my decision this week. I guess my little guy could tell I was a bit stressed. Now remember, he is only 3 years old and has no idea what I was struggling with, however, it was obvious that his sweet spirit knew mommy was worried about something. As we were driving in the car coming home from his speech class, he out of the blue said to me in the calmest and most serious voice, "Mommy it be okay...I love you." My heart almost stopped and of course, the tears freely flowed. I felt a huge smile spread across my face and told him , "Thank you baby...mommy loves you so much!" Tears continued to flow as we were driving....happy tears though for I felt in my heart that this wasn't just my son speaking to me- it was a silent prayer I had offered being answered by a loving Heavenly Father through a sweet, innocent child.

What a blessing it is to be loved by my son and to be his mother.

What a blessing it is to be married to my best friend.

And, what a tremendous blessing it is to have the opportunity to focus on my family right now instead of being in a stressful career that would most likely take my focus off of them. Life is all about the choices we make--some of those choices are much more difficult to make than others, some require a bit more sacrifice, but I continue to learn that when I put the Lord first and His will for me, the peace that is felt in return is the greatest gift.

As I have pondered this week on what I should say for my talk on Motherhood at church this Sunday, I have had a million thoughts, emotions and ideas that continue to flood my mind. This is always the difficult aspect of planning a talk (at least for me) --trying to narrow the message, be concise and get to the point all the while ensuring that I am sharing the message Heavenly Father would have me share. In reading a few mommy blogs that I follow, my heart was touched today to read Lyndsay's thoughts on her choice to be a Mother. She wrote this piece as a guest blogger at A Few of My Favorite Things.

Here is a snippet from Lyndsay's post today....

"I chose motherhood (I remember the moment I realized I was ready for it). I still choose it. I choose it willingly, happily, over other things that I could be doing...

I also know what I gave up to do this. I gave up a well-paid, full time job as a graphic designer. I gave up the ability to travel on a whim. To dine out when and wherever I want, at fancy places where double strollers can't fit. I liked to do those things. But I am happy to give them up for a while. I gave up insensible footwear (for the most part)."

To read more of Lyndsay's "Motherish" post, click below:

If any of you dear friends out there have a burning desire to share with me your own personal thoughts on your journey as a mother...please do so. I would L-O-V-E to hear them in the comments section or you can email me at Some points I have been pondering this week are:

What are some of the most precious moments you've experienced as a mother?

What will you be pondering this Mother's Day?

What do you see as the greatest challenge for mothers today?

As a mother, what are you most grateful for?

How has the Savior's love and example helped you be a better mom or overcome insecurities /challenges you have faced as a mother?


  1. There have been so many things I can think of the sweetest was the first time Logan said ma-ma! I waited 30 years to hear that precious word!!!

  2. You are an encouragement. I will write back on your thoughtful post when I have more time...
    :) Amy


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