Friday, April 16, 2010

To Facebook or Not ???


Seriously, this is my life...

I seem to be more forgetful these days than usual.

I have post-it notes all over my house reminding me what needs to get done. I have them at my desk at work--taped all around my computer. I even have to send myself e-mails and leave myself voice mails reminding me to do things. ugh!!

Just this morning, little man's speech therapist called me, she was waiting at his school to work with him..."Oh crap!" I said....he was still in his bed fast asleep. Mommy had forgotten about the appointment. I guess I need to go back to using my dayplanner...or even better, it's time the hubby lets me get an I-phone to utilize the calendar reminders via technology.

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But here lately, I am feeling all this pressure from family and friends to get on Facebook. Everywhere I turn it seems that I am being asked, "Are you on Facebook?" both old and young. EVERYONE seems to be "on Facebook".

I told the hubby the other night, it's beginning to feel as if I am committing this major social "faux-pas" by not getting on the social bandwagon and joining up.

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Yes, I'll be the first to admit, I am curious where all my high school and college friends are and how they are doing. Without question, it would be nice to re-connect with old friends (I think...)- but my goodness--do I really have time to get sucked into one more thing??? Life is already busy, hectic and stressful enough as it is...

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Another consideration I guess is blogging for me is ADDICTIVE...doing regular posts to my own personal blog and then going through the bazillion other blogs I love to follow on a daily basis. Will I find Facebook to be as addictive? If so, is that really healthy? I already struggle finding time to read my scriptures on a daily basis, go to the grocery store, plan nightly meals, fulfill my calling at church, work commitments, spend quality time with the hubby and my son. And well, admittedly, the hubby and I seem to enjoy what little bit of anonymity we have.

I go back and Facebook or not?

I would love to hear your thoughts and wise counsel, my dear friends...

Do you Facebook? If so, why do you like it?

If you don't Facebook? Why not?


  1. Do it! I will be your friend. I never post anything about what I am doing on FB. I only sit back and read others random comments. It's quite entertaining. Luv U BB

  2. I am on Facebook and everyday I think about stopping. Some use it for fun, some for venting, some for sharing the love they have for their family/Lord/etc. It's very addicting and I'm not sure all too healthy. I don't know.....

  3. it's fun and i love i bc between long lost childhood friends, hs friends, college friends from here to the other continents, to friends that move away, to keeping up with playgroupies in your neighborhood, it's a great way to connect n be in touch. like money, it's a great tool, poor master. enjoy it, i say go for it and connect :)

  4. P.S. LOVED the comics... :)

  5. Well, I'm a die-hard blogger, so you can take my comment with a grain of salt. :) But I like Joyelle's comment that FB is a great tool but poor master. I'm on there (I signed up just to be able to see someone's pictures once). I get on every once in awhile to look something up or to accept a friend, and I quickly browse through statuses and such. But I much prefer blogs! If I have friends on FB who don't blog, I'll do a quick catch-up there, but I never post anything. People can read my blog if they want my "status." :) Besides, I can turn my blog into hard-bound books of my family's memories, and FB can't do that. SO...while it's great to see what people are up to, I don't find it worth more of my time than just a quick catch-me up every now and then! (It could certainly be a BIG time-sucker if allowed to be so!)

  6. Jenn, you know I FB and we have discussed some of the pros and cons. It used to be very addictive and I could loose myself for an hour or better catching up with people. I have now deleted all my male contacts except family (a compromise Chad & I came up with)and I mostly enjoy the groups.There is a group for church, Sunday school, my nursing alumni, my graduating class and even prayer chains for people (like Matt Camp). I also enjoy being able to keep up with everyone's birthday's. I rarely miss a chance to tell someone happy b-day because FB reminds me. It's probably a good thing I don't blog (haha).


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