Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday afternoon nap

Our day began with this...

A battle to get into the tub...and then a battle to get out. It's funny how that is. Noah is usually less than happy when we tell him it is bath time, yet when it is time to get out...we have another battle on our hands because he's not ready to get out!

He loves to stack and create while playing in the's really cute.

Noah- April 25.2010 013

I just love a beautiful Sunday...

Noah- April 25.2010 025

Noah was having fun running and playing in our backyard all morning.

Noah- April 25.2010 027

He really loves to ham it up for mommy while I am taking pictures...

Noah- April 25.2010 028

And, well- what is it about 3 year olds and enjoying the streaking factor! It so cracks the hubby and I up when he does this. I just hope he doesn't decide to do this in public one day.

Oh well, the way I see it, he'll only be a kid once.

I want him to enjoy every single moment of it.

Noah- April 25.2010 029

Noah- April 25.2010 040

Noah- April 25.2010 047

Noah- April 25.2010 048

Noah- April 25.2010 054

Noah- April 25.2010 063

At this point, I am calling him to come back inside to put some clothes you can see- he's pondering the idea, but it's unlikely it will happen any time soon.

Noah- April 25.2010 065

Then, this is where we ended up by the end of the afternoon...completely "pooped out" on the couch while watching The Polar Express...

Noah- April 25.2010 077

What a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap we had.

Noah- April 25.2010 071

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  1. what a wonderful, beautiful life of a 3 yr old little boy!!!


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