Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter blessings.

Special Family Easter memories were created this weekend.

Easter Eve...

The hubby and I began the festivities by hanging out with little man on Easter Eve and decorating Easter eggs.


We had a great time together as a family.

Easter 2010 002

Easter 2010 003

I think one of the main reasons I love Easter festivities may have something to do with all the beautiful, bright colors of the holiday...

They just seem to put you in a cheery, happy mood...

Easter 2010 004

Easter 2010 005

Easter 2010 011

Easter 2010 012

Easter 2010 017

Easter 2010 018

Easter 2010 021

Easter 2010 022

Easter 2010 023

Easter 2010 025

Easter 2010 026

Easter 2010 028

Easter 2010 029

Easter 2010 032

Easter 2010 034

Little man is so proud of his hard work!

Easter 2010 046

Easter 2010 049

Easter morning arrived...

Little man woke up with such excitement exclaiming,

"Easter bunny here...Easter bunny here!!"

Easter 2010 066

Easter 2010 069

Easter 2010 077

Easter 2010 080

Easter 2010 098

Easter 2010 104

Easter 2010 115

Easter 2010 116

Easter 2010 139

Easter 2010 146

With all the fun and festivities, we would be remiss if we did not take time on this special day to bear testimony of the Savior to our little man.

After finishing our Easter egg hunt and eating a few sweets (actually a lot of sweets!), we sat down with Noah and showed him this picture of the Savior.

We shared the story of Jesus Christ, His resurrection and how He first appeared to Mary Magdalene following His resurrection.

We bore testimony that Christ lives and that He knows each of us by name.

Little man responded with, "Jesus loves me. I love Jesus."

How blessed we feel today to be able to honor and worship His life with so many other Christians around the world.

I {selfishly} love this picture of Christ and the open tomb... it is humbling to know that He appeared to Mary first- a woman. You can almost feel the overwhelming love she must have felt for the Savior at this moment.

It is our sincere prayer that our little man will continue to develop his very own sweet testimony of the Savior. We pray that he will know and feel the deep love the Savior has for him.

For we know... without a shadow of a doubt that... He knows our son by name.

He had is hand in our adoption of little man...

We love Him and revere Him with all our hearts.

Many blessings to all this Easter Sunday...

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  1. Happy Easter! I LOVE the picture of Noah looking at his eggs. The proud look on his face is just priceless!

    Also, we are super jealous of your Europe trip! Looks like you guys had an AMAZING time!


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