Friday, March 5, 2010 tummy hurts.


Little man has been really sick this week.

Coughing late into the night until he gags, runny nose, raw upper lip from the runny nose and saying his tummy hurts. And, bless his heart, he has become the loudest snorer in the house, which in my opinion... is a bit odd for a 3 year old. So loud in fact that, neither the hubby or I can sleep when he crawls in bed with us during the night.

We decided it was time to go see our pediatrician and, this is what she found/diagnosed:

1.) a double ear infection...

2.) mammoth size...H-U-G-E tonsils...{hence the loud snoring when he sleeps} she described it....on a scale from 1-4...4 being the worst --what they call "kissing tonsils", his are a 3! Looks like the tonsils will be coming out in the coming years i'm afraid...


3.) he has asthma....real bummer!

So, we headed straight to the pharmacy after our doctor's visit to fill all the needed prescriptions and to buy a nebulizer. Unfortunately... {and despite the fact that we pay almost $1,000/month in health insurance premiums} our insurance company did not cover any of the medicine or the cost of the nebulizer. Apparently, in addition to the $1,000 monthly premium we have, we must also meet a $4,500 deductible before they will cover any of his asthma medicine. Yikes!! I wanted to cry right there in front of everyone when they told me my total at the check-out counter of the pharmacy...but I didn't. Instead, I just grabbed a large bag of pastel Easter peanut M&M's and threw them on the counter with the medicines to purchase.

Little man and I walked out of the pharmacy rather pitifully with our huge bag of medicine, a new breathing machine in tow, a bag of peanut M&M's and a little bit poorer.

We have been doing our regiment of anitbiotics, asthma meds and breathing treatments all week. He despises the nebulizer...I mean he REALLY despises it. The sound of the machine seems to unnerve him. He describes the smoke coming out of it as fire! And he doesn't like wearing the mask. We've had to resort to some pretty creative methods to get him to use the nebulizer. The hubby pulled up a air force pilot video on the internet and let little man watch how the pilot has to fly the jet with a mask on.'s been a battle to say the least to try and get him to do these breathing treatments...bless his little heart.

My heart breaks for him because I have had to live with asthma most of my life and it really is a bummer.

Needless to say, he has had to miss pre-school a few days to get back to tip-top shape again, so we have tried to make the best of it while being at home together by using other forms of {TLC} prescriptions:

Lots of hugs and kisses...
Eating pastel peanut M&Ms and drinking root beer...
Reading books together...
Pulling out old Halloween costumes and wearing them around the house...
Sandbox time out in the sunshine.


home sick from school

He seems to be feeling better.

And, thank the heavens above....his snoring is becoming a rarity around here!

home from school sick


  1. Oh, so sorry. We've been doing several bouts of double ear infections over here...and we've done the nebulizer bit for a few years now. Sometimes when Evan was little I wouldn't even bother with the mask, calling it a success if he would just let me get the rest of it close enough to his face to get some of the medicine in. Good luck! I hope he is in tip-top shape he can feel good and you and hubby can more fully enjoy your trip! Wow!

  2. done with snoring and up and roaring in that cute tiger costume!!!! :)

  3. There is another option to the mask for the nebulizer. its the piece that older kids put directly in their mouth. Sam wont do that of course, but he will let me put it up to his face and much more of the meds get into his system that way cause it comes out faster. hope he feels better asap! about the train and the train set are from Target. And I think compared to other stores it has the best price. For the hours and love the boys have for the trains it is a great buy!!!

  4. Oh, bummer re: the nebulizer. I had one I could have GIVEN you. Abby outgrew needing hers. At any rate, I remember your battles with asthma when we were growing up. Your son is a lucky little boy... you will have lots of knowledge and empathy.

    Oh, and I hope you enjoy your vacation! You need a Kindle for the plane ride. OMG, I *love* mine. :)

    Take care, Jenn!

    Amy (Warren) Gootee <----- (I've remarried!)


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