Monday, March 1, 2010

Bubbles, sandbox and more...

bubbles 096

e had yet another beautiful, sunny, warm weekend in the Rio Grande Valley. Much of our time was spent outside in our backyard together as a family. The hubby assembled little man's new sandbox that he received from his grandparents for Christmas, I finished reading one of my books {pretty big disappointment btw} and then we had fun playing with bubbles made from our little man's bubble maker. We did this all the while listening to the hubby's Michael Buble CD on our sound system which he has set up in his shop a/k/a "man-space" in our backyard.

You know that special place a "real man" must have where he can escape the world to be one with his heavy equipment, tools, yard stuff, and other "guy paraphernalia"..

Isn't it funny how different men and women are??

I'd much rather be curled up on the couch with a warm blanket, reading my favorite book, eating peanut M&M's and sipping a big Dr. Pepper...


bubbles 092

bubbles 083

Like his daddy, that wonderful, amazing smile makes my heart melt...

bubbles 071

bubbles 065

bubbles 061

bubbles 021

boy stuff

Can you tell that a little boy lives at our house??

noah and backyard




mom and noah

dad and son camp out

This last picture is especially touching for me. Let me explain...

Little man began to show signs of getting sick on Saturday afternoon. The typical signs being...oozing--snotty nose, tired looking eyes, a low grade fever and coughing during the night.

By Sunday morning, he was really sick. Not a shocker because the hubby has been fighting a cold for a few weeks...

It was our Stake Conference at church yesterday. The night before I had to miss the adult session of conference {where the hubby was one of the speakers} to stay home and take care of our little sick fella. So I was already bummed I had to miss that and then after waking up Sunday, it was quite apparent that my little man wasn't feeling any better. Naturally, we would have to miss Sunday's general session of conference to care for him. You can imagine though how touched I was when my dear husband offered to stay home with little man so I could attend the meeting. My hubby doesn't like missing church on Sunday...especially when it is stake conference, so I knew what a genuine act of charity this was for him. I can honestly say that I felt so loved by him and truly appreciated by this simple and sweet act of kindness by my husband.

What he didn't realize was that I had been feeling a bit spiritually drained the past few days and wanted so badly to attend my Sunday church meetings. My spirit literally needed to be rejuvenated. And after attending the amazing stake conference yesterday, there is no doubt I was meant to be there to hear the talks that were given by members of our church. I'm thinking I will share more about my experience at stake conference in a coming post and my personal thoughts on why Mormons give "talks" on Sundays in their sacrament meetings...

When I came home from church, the assembled tent above is what I found in our living room with my hubby and little fella lounging inside reading books together. I was grinning from ear to ear watching and listening to the two of them spend this quality time together in the tent.

This special father-son moment reminded me of one of my husband's favorite church talks.

Here is his favorite portion of that talk...

"Many years ago I took our only son on his first camping, fishing trip. He was just a boy. The canyon was steep, and the descent was difficult. But the fishing was good. Every time I hooked a fish I would give the pole to the eager boy, and with shouts of joy he would reel in a beautiful trout. In the shadows and coolness of the late afternoon, we began our climb back up to the rim high above us. He scrambled rapidly up the mountain ahead of me with a challenging, “Come on, Dad. I’ll bet I can beat you to the top.” The challenge was heard but wisely ignored. His small frame seemed literally to fly over, under, and around every obstacle, and when every step that I took seemed ridiculously like my last, he had reached the top and stood cheering me on. After supper we knelt in prayer. His small voice rose sweetly heavenward in benediction to our day. Then we climbed into our large double sleeping bag, and after a bit of pushing and pulling I felt his little body snuggle and settle tightly against mine for warmth and security against the night. As I looked at my son beside me, suddenly I felt a surge of love pass through my body with such force that it pushed tears to my eyes. And, at that precise moment, he put his little arms around me and said, “Dad.”

“Yes, son.”

“Are you awake?”

“Yes, my son, I am awake.”

“Dad, I love you a million, trillion times!”

And immediately he was asleep. But I was awake far into the night, expressing my great thanks for such wonderful blessings clothed with a little boy’s body.

Now my son is a man with a son of his own. Once in a while the three of us go fishing. I look at my little red-headed grandson beside his father, and I see in my mind’s eye the image of that wonderful moment long ago. The question so innocently asked, “Dad, are you awake?” still rings in my heart.

To every father, I pose the same penetrating question, “Dad, are you awake?” Do your sons ever wonder if you are asleep when it comes to the things that are most important to them? I would suggest that there are several areas that would indicate whether we are “awake” or “asleep” in the eyes of our sons."

I am grateful for the wonderful father my husband is and that he savors the time he has with our little fella --because we all know, they just simply grow up too fast. What a tender moment for the two of them and me, too...I felt so blessed to be able to see first hand how touched our son was that his daddy cared enough to give of his time in this way...

Happy March everyone...

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  1. Jennifer...Once again I have loved reading your blog!! Just like you got what u needed out of that Sunday in conference I get something every time I read your blog. Too often I get caught up in this crazy life we live and I dont stop to smell the roses and appreciate the small things in life. Your blogs always bring me down to earth! While I sit here and read, usually while holding the baby or answering Sam's 2-yr old questions, I am overcome by the love I have for my family thru reading of your love of yours. Thank you for always reminding me how precious our families are...that laundry may not be going anywhere but our children grow up sooo fast. I am now going to totally blow off any "chores" I might need to tackle tonight and hang out with my kids.

  2. Such a sweet family you are.

  3. thank you for sharing that story, perfect timing. i love your blog, thank you so much for sharing your heart with us.


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