Monday, February 22, 2010

A few glimpses of our weekend.

We finally had a weekend to spend as leisurely as we wanted and it was {oh so} nice I must say. For the past several weekends we have either had engagements to attend or we've been on the road traveling. On Saturday, Noah was by all accounts needing some extra stimulation and hang out time with mommy and daddy...I could feel it, so I decided we would go to the Peter Piper Pizza joint just down from our house. Admittedly, the hubby was a little bah-humbug about the idea in the beginning, but after we got there, ordered our pizza and bought our tokens to play some games...his mood improved dramatically. He and Noah had a blast playing games together and winning tickets. It was really, really nice to spend this time together as a family. His favorite ride was the choo-choo train...he insisted on riding it over and over with his tokens. Surprisingly, the pizza was far better than we expected and fortunately we beat all the Saturday lunch and birthday party crowd. When we were walking out to leave, the hubby put his arm around me and thanked me for making him go...I just chuckled.

Afterward, we drove around town for a while checking out some sights, popped into Pier 1 Imports to look at some stylish chairs, and then headed on home to relax some more. The hubby took a nap while Noah and I hung out together in the backyard. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day to play in the backyard. At one point, Noah decided to try and build a snowman out of our red mulch that we placed around one of our little growing trees. I had to chuckle at him doing so...that's pretty much what you resort to during the winter months while living in South Texas near the Mexico border!! It's too hot for snow to ever make its way down here, so hey-- you gotta give it to our little guy for being creative!

I enjoyed walking around our spacious backyard and taking some photos of a few glimpses of spring blooms beginning to blossom. I can't wait for spring to come in full force here in the Rio Grande Valley. For about a month (around late March- thru mid April) when all the orange groves are in full bloom, it literally smells like someone sprayed an orange air freshener all over the valley area. Its a wonderful time to be outside and enjoy the weather and the fabulous aroma! Can't wait for the season to come our way....

shark sunglasses

cool man

peter piper pizza 083

train ride

peter piper pizza 071

game time

daddy and son

prize from winning tickets

building mulch snowman

Noah and mulch snowman

blooms in green

more blooms

orange tree in backyard

spring bloom in backyard

lime tree

lime from our lime tree in backyard

new books new reads that I purchased during my visit to Barnes and Noble Bookstore a/k/a Heaven on Earth to the avid reader like myself!!!

P.S. I discovered and have been using Picnik thanks to Melissa and I am madly, deeply in love!

P.P.S. We decided to return the fancy pillows I bought at Pier 1 Imports after all on Saturday...after much discussion with the hubby and taking into consideration all the colors in the room...they didn't tie everything together as I had the search for the perfect pillows continues.

P.P.S.S....I have an appointment with my hairdresser on Friday afternoon to go back to blonde...I just can't handle the new look--it's not me!!


  1. i cannot believe how much noah look like his daddy! so awesome :) and i love love noah's awesome shades!! woo hoo!!

  2. Jennifer,
    Love the new layout. I need some tutorials from you next time you're in town...seriously! Great pictues too.

  3. Thanks Veronica...I was happy to find out today that you have a blog! I would love to share some tips with you when I am in town next time. :-)

  4. Oh how I miss Texas! I would love the weather you are having right now. And can I just say I love reading your blog. You have such a way with words I always find myself uplifted and/or inspired in some way.
    And Noah glasses are great.


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