Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our new little Sunbeam.

Today was a special day for our little was Noah's first day in the Sunbeam class in Primary at our church. When the children reach the age of 3 years old, they are old enough to leave the nursery class and enter the Primary (Sunday School classes for children ages 3-11). He was a little anxious at first, but quickly settled in when he met his new teacher, the Primary president and chorister. Each of these sweet sisters made him feel right at home and were so welcoming on his first day in Primary. Jody and I were very impressed with how organized they were. You can tell that this Primary is a tightly run ship! One of the mothers that was standing by the door with me told me not to worry about my little guy...she said that his teacher was the best! This mother went on to explain how the Sunbeam teacher goes above and beyond the call of duty to teach these sweet Sunbeams about Heavenly Father and Jesus. This made me feel so good and well, it was comforting to know he will be in good hands every Sunday--learning the things he should.

When we picked him up after his class, he was more than excited to share with us all that he learned from his new teacher. He proudly wore his "I Am A Child of God" crown that his teacher made, adorned with jewels and all, for each of the children. And, it even gets better, on the drive home, he sang over and over the song, I Am A Child of God...

So precious....

His teacher made quite the impression on our son today. May she be blessed for all her efforts!


  1. So grown up! What a wonderful first week, and what a blessing to have such a great teacher.

  2. i LOVE your new blog!! i've been so far behind in blog land... i love the pic of noah falling asleep on the bar stool... i can't believe how fast time flies by us, kids grow up way too fast. your Christmas looked absolutely lovely! take care :)

  3. Can I come to your ward? Organization??? So glad he is enjoying Primary. Yeah!

  4. Love this! I've loved your emails! Thanks for caring. I do have the book- and the CD. I listen and read over and over. "I wasn't there for the onions, Hal." I love you, Gigi!


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