Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God is my rock.

Meg Duerksen has a blog that I enjoy following. By all accounts, she appears to be so talented and just an amazing wife, mother and person. I was surprised when she recently posted about feeling insecure. Most of what she shared in her post resonated within me...all feelings I have struggled with most of my life. A personal trait, in fact, that sometimes drives my husband crazy!!

A friend of mine posted this quote on her blog several months ago...

It is from David O. McKay:

"The greatest battles of life are fought out daily in the silent chambers of the soul."

How true this statement is...

While at Barnes & Noble last week, I came across a book by Marianne Williamson--it was on the clearance table, so I picked it up and began to read. I had heard that her books are great to read and inspiring. After reading a few pages from this book, and having enjoyed what snippets I read... I decided it was a must have, so I marched up to the check-out counter and purchased it.

This morning, I was reading in Chapter 2: under the section, God is the Rock, and the following observation Marianne writes about, I believe, correlate with David O. McKay's statement above. And, well, they seemed to really hit home...

Thoughts I will be reflecting upon today...

"It wasn't drinking or drugs that was doing me in; it was my personality in general, that hysterical woman inside my head. My negativity was as destructive to me as alcohol is to the alcoholic. I was an artist at finding my own jugular...."

"There have been times in my life--and they still happen today, though they're more the exception now than the rule--when I have felt as though sadness would overwhelm me. Something didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, or I was in conflict with someone, or I was afraid of what might or might not happen in the future. Life in those moments can be difficult to bear, and the mind begins an endless search for its escape from pain... These changes in life are always going to happen; they're part of the human experience...what we can change, however, is how we perceive them...

...There's a biblical story where Jesus says we can build our house on sand or we can build it on rock. Our house is our emotional stability. When it is built on sand, then the winds and rain can tear it down. One disappointing phone call and we crumble; one storm and the house falls down...
When our house is built on rock, then it is sturdy and strong and the storms can't destroy it. We are not so vulnerable to life's passing dramas. Our stability rests on something more enduring than the current weather, something permanent and strong. We're depending on God."

I have learned that when I put the Savior at the forefront of my life, the "daily dramas" aren't so overwhelming.

To read more about Christ, click here.


  1. love the thoughts you shared Miss Jenn!!! :) you are such an inspiration. Thank you for your support, by the way. It's amazing how the littlest things mean so much!! xoxo

  2. You're so welcome girlfriend!!! :-)

  3. really got me this afternoon. I started reading your blog and just lost it...which is something I rarely do. Thank you so much...I might have to borrow your passages above. I am so blessed to know you. Thank you!


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