Tuesday, December 8, 2009 we go!

It is amazing how intertwined our lives are-- and sometimes in the most unique and miraculous ways...let me explain.

In October, Noah and I traveled to my parent's place in East Texas. I always dread plane rides by myself with my little guy. I love him dearly, but honestly, it feels as if he becomes possessed when we ride an airplane and I am left asking myself..."Dang! Who is this kid?"

On the plane ride to Dallas from McAllen, I was seated in an aisle seat near the front of the plane. Noah was next to me in the center seat and a woman next to him in the window seat. Just before take off, the flight attendant announced that we all needed to fasten our belts for take off. I fastened mine then fastened Noah's. What happened next I can only describe as Kicking, screaming and knashing of teeth from my son in anger over being strapped in. He proceeded to arch his back and slide out from underneath the seatbelt and plop on the floor. I picked him up { even suffered a blow to the eye in the process as his shoe made contact with my head} and put him back in his seat and re-belted him with a stern explanation that he had to stay in his seat with the belt on. This episode repeated itself what felt like over and over in a matter of minutes. I remember feeling hives begin rising all over my neck and face from complete embarrassment and utter stress over the situation. And well, it didn't help that the flight attendant just stood over me...glaring...nostrils flared...and sternly reminding me that my child must be seated and belted in before we could take off. The bag full of toys, books and snacks were brought out immediately in an attempt to distract and soothe his troubled soul...but toys ended up in seats in front and behind us and the food was thrown to the floor out of anger.

Sensing that I was at my wits end with my child (and that there was a high possibility we might be ejected from the plane!), the lady seated next to us steps in at this point to intervene. She began talking to Noah and asking him about his "Thomas the train" book--and almost immediately his temperment changed (for the better).

He began to calm down and sit still.

The screaming and crying subsided.

I sat back and watched in complete awe as this toddler whisperer dear woman ever so artfully calmed my son. I remember thinking, "Thank you Heavenly heard my prayer!" Truly.

Our plane finally took off. For the next hour, I watched and listened as Noah and this sweet lady interacted together. Noah told her how he likes to drive tractors and the golf cart when he goes to see his grandparents. He told her how he especially likes to go fishing. I learned during our conversation with her that her name was Laura and that she is a pre-school teacher. No shocker there! She told me the name of the school where she taught, but I quickly forgot- there are so many preschools where we live- it is hard to remember them all. I told her that she was a prayer answered. Literally. Heavenly Father truly does bless us through other people. This was another example of this in my life.

Once we landed safely in Dallas, we all headed to the baggage claim area where we were greeted by my parents. After getting her own luggage, Laura walked up to where we were standing with the biggest smile on her face. She was able to meet two (of the four grandparents) Noah had talked so fondly of on the plane. I then shared the story of the plane ride with my parents. We all thanked her again for her help and she and Noah hugged. From there, we went our separate ways.....until today.

Noah went to his first day of pre-school today. Since he doesn't have any brothers or sisters at home to play with and because of his age, Jody and I feel it is time he begin a part time pre-school program to interact with other kiddos on a more regular basis. It was both scary and exciting to go today. I don't know who was more nervous~ him or me. Jody, Noah and I walked in to his assigned classroom this morning to meet his new teacher- Miss Laura. It was to be our first time to meet her. You can imagine our pure joy, excitement and relief when we realized that "Miss Laura" is the same Laura from our plane ride to Dallas. She immediately recognized us (who could ever forget that plane ride!). Noah and his new teacher hugged. He was happy to see her, but in the end shed a few tears when he realized it was time for mommy and daddy to leave. Miss Laura handled it like a pro and quickly began to work her magic. In fact, as we were walking out of the room, the last thing I heard was her asking Noah, "How is the fishing in East Texas?".

Pics of Miss Laura to come....

This is the report we received about his day when we picked him up.


  1. What a story! I am constantly in awe of the Lord's tender mercies in our lives. Love it. And I'm glad that Noah had a good first day!

  2. amazing! love stories like these..i always enjoy your blog!

  3. How well I remember the first time I left Lauren at pre-school. It will all go by in the blink of an eye. Such a great example you've shared of how merciful the Lord is.

  4. Wow, what a great story! You were blessed, more than once. Looks like I need to add your new blog to my blog roll. I like the new look and title. Very appropriate for where you live now.


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