Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Noah's First Christmas Pageant

Last night was Noah's first official Christmas Pageant performance--this is only his 2nd week at his pre-school, so we were a little nervous as to how this was going to go. His class had been practicing the Christmas songs for several weeks and we only had a weekend to practice them with him. We were really surprised to see the crowd turn out last night- the gym was literally filled full with people. I have to admit that right before it started, I got butterflies and I wasn't even doing anything-- I was so nervous for my son. I even had to chuckle at the thought now I know how my parents felt all those years ago watching me do all my little school performances.

As the children took their places on felt as if I had tunnel vision--the only child I could see was our son!

He looked so stink'in cute in his little shepherd outfit...

Noah is on the front row standing on the far left (next to the little girl angel)...

The little girl's angel wings kept poking him and he was beginning to show signs of frustration!

Here Noah is leading the crowd in the applause for the song they just sang...Noah loves, loves, loves to sing and dance!!

In the middle of the program, he was visibly "pooped out", so in the middle of the song, he just sat down and took off his shepherd's hat for a 2nd time...notice the little girl at the other end leaning over -- she was yelling for Noah to "stand up!" in the middle of the performance...priceless!

Soon after he removed his shepherd's hat, one of his teachers whisked him away behind the curtain, put it back on and sent him back out to finish the performance. Noah hates to have things on his head, so this was pretty funny to us that they had to keep putting it back on his head!

Singing, "Happy Birthday Jesus..."

After their 20 minute performance, all the kiddos were completely worn out as they headed back to their classrooms to meet their mommy's and daddy's...

Jody getting more video footage of our little guy...

Noah holding on to the rope with his other classmates as they walk back to their classroom...

Once we all made it back to the classroom, it literally happened in a domino effect, every single one of the kids began to cry when they saw their parents walk in---bless their hearts--it had been a long day, an eventful performance, and they were ready for some lovin' and to go home to bed.

I couldn't hug him or kiss him enough proud of our little guy.

Noah giving Miss Laura one more hug before we headed home after the pageant...she is the kindest, most loving teacher--we feel truly blessed to have her as Noah's teacher.

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  1. I love the little girl leaning over to tell him to get back up. Hilarious!

    Looks like it was beautiful and so cute. And what a blessing to have such a fantastic, sincere, and caring teacher--that makes all the difference!!!


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