Friday, December 4, 2009

Date night.

Every Thursday we have a sweet lady who comes to help clean the house, iron shirts and help with the laundry--her name is Idalia. I don't mind cleaning house, but it is nice having some help and Idalia needs the work, so she comes in the afternoon and stays until the late evening. She is such a sweetheart and Noah just loves her. We also like it because she is teaching Noah Spanish.

When Jody is able to peel himself away from work before 7pm, we let Idalia keep Noah so can go on a date. Last night we got to go out on a date which is a rare event for us now that we are parents!! It's just too hard to find babysitters and well, find the time to go out. Just before we left, Jody was on the computer working on some emails and Noah crawled into the chair next to him. Upon Noah's request, Jody began to spin the chair slowly as he was reading his emails and Noah slowly fell was so cute, so I had to snap this picture. He loves to wear my red robe during the day and so that is what he is cuddled up in.

Before we left the house, we {very carefully} put him in his bed. And then dashed away on our date.

We had such a great time together. Jody has been talking about this sushi restaurant, Kumori for some time and so we went there.

We're normally not big sushi people {I'm not going to lie here, I've been known to just swallow it whole when having to eat it for a business luncheon or something because I was so afraid I would gag if I chewed it and had to actually taste it}, but man-oh-man, it was so good last night. Maybe it was the company of my sexy hubby, or the great chef or that I'm just getting older and my taste buds are evolving--either way--it rocked!! Also, it was refreshing to have some peace and quiet...alone with the hubby to talk and hang out without having to chase a 3 year old around the restaurant!! Date nights are always a sweet reminder of why I fell in love with my hubby in the first place...he still to this day opens the car door for me wherever we go. I don't thank him enough for this and how special it makes me feel.

But, let me also say it was nice to come home to find our sweet son awake and run into our arms so excited to see his mommy and daddy. Yet another blessing from our date nights...a reminder of how much I love being a mommy.


  1. I totally agree with you about sushi! We'll have to try that place sometime; I think we live right around the corner anyway.

  2. Ah, that's so nice to hear. Glad he's still treating you the way you deserve to be treated. Sushi is wonderful, and I'm glad you're developing a taste for it! I was pretty nervous when I first started eating it too. Now I love it.


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