Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs in Texas Cause a Headache for some Ranchers, Livelihood for Others...

By John Burnett

"Feral pigs are running rampant in the Lone Star State, rooting up lawns and pastures, and eating everything in sight. But what Texans consider little more than vermin, Europeans see as a delicacy for which they'll pay dearly. could wild hog be the next big thing? NPR's John Burnett reports.
While hogs have been rummaging through the American countryside for as long as there has been an America. Spanish explorers introduced pigs in Florida 500 years ago. Some escaped, went native, and theyve been runningn wild ever since. Today, feral hogs are found in more than half the states, mostly in the South. IN many places, such as Texas, their numbers are growing, causing big headaches for landowners.

There are an estimated 2 million in Texas alone. The population has gone hog gild, boosted by the release of feral and domestic hogs onto ranches so they can be hunted for sport.

Having depleted their own supply, Europeans now import large quantities from the United States. Broken Arrow Ranch, in Ingram, Texas , says it ships about 14 tons of wild pork a year."

Wild Bed Hog on the loose in South Texas

A small bed hog causing sleepless nights for parents...

by... A very tired Dad

Bed hog

November 19, 2009

A small bed hog is running rampant in the Lone Star State, waking up parents, rooting into the bed, and hogging all sleep space.

"When will he stop?", asks his father, Jody. "But he is so cute!", exclaims his mother, Jennifer.

Undeterred by consistent efforts of his parents OR the darkness of the night, this little creature normally enters his parent's bedroom at 3am and takes over the bed. He pushes and nestles his way into the prime sleep spot and begins snoring within minutes.


  1. that is so funny (to me) Good luck with this one, no clue on how to stop it!

  2. yeah, it is becoming a regular event and I'm just too lazy to walk him back to his room at 3 in the morning (and, I must admit--I do love when he cuddles up next to me and falls asleep--pure bliss for me!!) He'll only be this age once...


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