Friday, November 13, 2009

We See You...

Noah- 3 years old

I hear my son ask me a bazillion times a day, "Mom...look at me!" or "Mom, watch this!" --

He is such an today, while he and I were waiting at the doctor's office (I have been feeling crummy all week and finally couldn't put it off any longer--- time to get some antibiotics)--he decided he would entertain the entire waiting area of old people while we waited for the nurse to call us back. I felt so achy and icky-- I didn't have enough fight in me to stop him and well, the old people seemed to just love it. He enjoyed getting their applause each time he finished a song. It was really, really cute to watch him light up the room and it was obvious that he L-O-V-E-D the attention he was receiving. I couldn't help but think how this correlated so concisely with some insights I read about just this morning from this great book on raising healthy sons.

Below are some gems from my reading today that I have been pondering:

1. Boys are profoundly emotional creatures.

2. Boys are often more sensitive and easily wounded than girls.

3. Boys are not men and therefore should not be expected to handle their emotions as men.

4. Boys who learn that their whole person (abilities, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings) are taken seriously grow into confident, mature men.

5. When your boy realizes he is seen, he pays attention to what he is doing. He understands that in the eyes of the observer, if that observer is you, he is very important.

6. Love your boy fiercely and let him know that you are his ally because the world he will see is a confusing and painful one. Every boy should know that their home and the relationship they have with their parents is their refuge from the world.

My dear son....mommy and daddy SEE you! And we love you fiercely!


  1. Seriosly, that picture is pure greatness. I even lobe the emerald green carpet as a background!

  2. i love the picture and this post! i think all too often we try to make our boys into "little men" and expect them to handle their emotions as such. it's a nice reminder to just relax and let them be kids!! :)


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