Monday, November 2, 2009

Twick or Tweeting...

Halloween 2009 - Little Golfer

Halloween 2009 - Golfer

Halloween 2009 - Dad and son

Halloween 2009- Mom and son

It is hard to believe that another Halloween with our little man has now come and gone. He celebrated Halloween this year as a golfer. It seemed only fitting since we live on a golf course and he so enjoys talking with the golfers when they pass by our house. The neighborhood was bustling with trick-or-treaters this year (more than we expected) and he got so excited walking around with the large crowd. The hubby and I got such a kick out of him...when we would get up to a door and after knocking and it would open, he would very softly say, "Twick or Tweet". After the first two doors we knocked on resulted in some candy in his could literally see the light bulb go off and he instantly knew this trick-or-treat'in gig was fun after all.

Oh what joy and magic there is in being a child and participating in the festivities of Halloween...

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