Sunday, November 29, 2009

San Miguel de Allende

Last week, Jody and I went on a quick trip with our friends Michael and Mindy to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. We flew in on Saturday and returned late Tuesday night. Michael and Jody have recently joined forces as law partners and have been friends for many years. It was so nice for the four of us to get away for a few days together in a such a beautiful place. Michael and Mindy go to San Miguel for several weeks each summer, so they are familiar with the area. This made for a much more enjoyable trip out of the country for us since they know their surroundings so well and they are fluent in Spanish. While there we ate at some amazing restaurants and saw some of the most beautiful buildings and churches we have ever seen. I guess our only real complaint is that we needed several more days to really take it all in. And, well...2 other real bummers that we had while on the trip:

1.) I left my i-pod nano on the airplane -- now gone forever --probably being auctioned somewhere on e-bay as I am writing this... :-(
2.) Jody's Mac laptop completely crashed while there --real bummer!! :-(

Let us just preface here before the pics are viewed below that we are knowingly making this blog post with an insane amount of pictures ( a no-no in the blogger world of etiquette, we know...) but since this trip was so fun --probably one of our all time favorites since we've been married, therefore...we wanted the photo memories included for our family and friends to enjoy. Lastly, if you are looking for a romantic getaway with the love of your life, we would definitely recommend San Miguel de Allende...the weather is to die for, the dining is more than romantic, the villas are heaven to sleep in, the local people are truly some of the most friendly people we have ever met and the shopping is bar none.

Having some fun on the plane ride over there...we flew from Mcallen to the airport in Leon, Mexico and then had about a 2 hour drive from there to San Miguel.

Beautiful view of Mexico from the airplane...

Some of the views during our drive from Leon to San really was a quick drive and beautiful scenery most of the way -- I did get a little car sick though... :-(

More beautiful Mexico scenery on our drive there...Michael and Mindy usually drive from McAllen to San Miguel in the summers-- it is about an 8 hour drive for them. They said they prefer driving than flying so they can bring back more in their vehicle with what they purchase in San Miguel.

This is the front door to the villa where we stayed, Casa Luna. In San Miguel, this is how all of the hotels and villas are---nestled privately behind grand walls and doors.

View from inside Casa Luna . It was stunning and a very peaceful stay.

One of the courtyards at Casa Luna.

The dining area where we ate breakfast each morning and drank hot chocolate.

Our room...this is just a sampling of the beautiful craftmanship that you see in San Miguel. Brick is used often for interior purposes. We so loved the brick ceiling in our room...

This was our view from the balcony off of our room.

San Miguel is known for it's exquisite doors...we loved this one.

Michael and Mindy

Traditional Mariachi band playing outside the La Parroquia, Church of St. Michael the Archangel at a wedding.

Inside the La Parroquia, Church of St. Michael the Archangel--it is stunning and awe-inspiring to be inside this grand cathedral. Click here to learn more about its history.

One of the several romantic dining venues for the evening....

Jody and Michael joking around...

Some great Mexican shortbread we bought at a local store...

Downtown San Miguel they had a festival each night with local dancers, singers and Mariachi bands...

One of the 3 books I read while on our trip...this one was great!

Having some fun with my camera one night in the room...

Loved...loved...loved this mirror in our room...

An odd tourist with even odder hair!!!

Scarves...scarves...scarves EVERYWHERE...beautiful scarves!!

More pics from Casa Luna...

Local peace officer...

Local artisan selling some of his work....he was so sweet-- we bought a beautiful mask from him.

Another local artisan who makes soldiers, indians, cowboys, assorted animals from lead....

Mindy's jewelry ladies that she introduced me to--they made me 2 beautiful necklaces and some matching earrings all for only $15...they were so sweet and very talented!

Some of the best pizza we have ever eaten at Mama Mia's...truly to die for!!!


  1. Oh, WOW--what fun! And BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE all the pics. (I'm ALWAYS guilty of blogging w/too many pics--but I love the memories--and I want the pics in the book I make from our blog each year!)

  2. When are you going to be a Photographer?!?!?!!?


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