Sunday, October 11, 2009

Choose this day.

At church today, a new Relief Society presidency and Primary presidency were put was a fruitful sacrament meeting to say the least with all the releasings and new callings, sweet testimonies shared by the exiting Primary/Relief Society presidents, and the inspired talk given by our Bishop about providing service and the rich blessings that come to those who "Choose this Day" to serve. In the midst of all of this, I was called and sustained as 2nd counselor in the Primary presidency.

I had to laugh to myself though (after being sustained) as I was dragging carrying my little guy out to the foyer for the 4th time (during sacrament meeting) for being...let's see, how should I describe it... overly boisterous!! I suspect the new Primary president and Bishopric were partly inspired to ask me to serve in the Primary because (come this January) my son will be joining the Sunbeam class and will no doubt give the teachers a run for their money each Sunday!!

I look forward to the new church calling and getting to know all the Primary children as well as the ladies I will be serving with.
And, I'm fortunate in that it allows me to see via a front row seat my little guy enjoy his time in Primary.

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