Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful for the women in my life...

Yesterday was a difficult one...

My soul was being tested by a loving Heavenly Father...

It came as no surprise that I received a call from my grandmother (well into her 80's now) who was checking in on me and wanting to know what I was up see, she (I feel confident) was prompted to make this phone call.

We discussed our day's events.

I described some frustrating "bumps in the road" I am experiencing and the joys and challenges of being a stay at home mommy.

She describing her day and the challenges one faces at the stage of life she is at-- having finished raising her children, her husband and eternal mate no longer with her having passed away over 20 years ago, having already lost 2 out of her 3 children and trudging along as best she can in her elderly years alone- but nonetheless, as feisty as ever!

Despite the daunting tragedies my grandmother has had to deal with in her life, what a humbling lesson for me to hear my grandmother say in our conversation (the message I am sure Heavenly Father wanted me to hear) ,

"Jennifer, Heavenly Father has been so good to me in my life. So, so very good to me."

I am thankful today for the women in my life who give me strength and inspiration to keep trudging along...

1. A mother who is talented, beautiful and one of my best friends- a righteous woman who puts her family first

2. A grandmother who is an oak- she holds on to the gospel with all her heart and never forgets where her blessings come from

3. A mother-in-law who is an angel- she never ceases to serve those around her and never expects anything in return- a wonderful example to me of how a woman can find happiness, peace and joy by serving others

4. Five sisters (in-laws) who are talented, unique and special women to me- may God bless them as they continue to fulfill their current blessed callings as wives and mothers

5. My dearest and closest friends (many of whom I have known since my childhood) who love me for who I am (despite my many flaws and shortcomings) and remind me that there is great joy found in the bonds of sisterhood

6. A birthmother who gave my son life and placed him for adoption- a true sacrifice of love- as a result, she provided me the opportunity to be a mother in this greatest blessing of all

And, well, the list goes on....

Yes, indeed, I am thankful for the women in my life who remind me of what is most important in this crazy world of ours and where all blessings come from.

God bless you all...


  1. Thank you for the tears... Much appreciated! We really do need not take so much for granted... most of our troubles now won't even be remembered in just a few short years... and those hard enough to remember in years to come will be learned from.

    Love you!

  2. Jenn, your writing is so full of love and grace. It's always a pleasure and inspiration to read. I'm so honored to call you "friend." Have a wonderful day!

    ~Amy Koyle~


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