Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New book

Today we made a visit to Barnes & Noble bookstore where Noah picked out a new book for himself. It came as no surprise to me when he chose this particular one because it is filled with every form of transportation possible.

My little man has a love for all THINGS THAT GO!! I think every parent of a young child watches and observes their child and wonders what they will become. Each new interest or newly discovered talent observed leads us to guess or quietly wonder if they may choose this career path or that. With our little guy- at this stage- it is so cute to watch him and how he only wants to tinker, drive and creatively stack cars, trucks, planes, and trains. Who knows...maybe he'll be a commercial airline pilot, a mechanic, a truck driver, a sports car driver, in the Navy, an astronaut, or a helicopter pilot when he grows up. Wherever my little guy's life journey may take him as he grows into adulthood- I hope he will always know and feel the tremendous amount of love we have for him.

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  1. OMG... SO cute!!!! I LOVE it!!! He's talking SO WELL now too!!! So proud!


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