Monday, September 14, 2009

My 80's Crush...

I have been a "movie buff "I guess you could say my whole life. I enjoy going to the movie theater to catch a show or better yet, curling up on my couch with a blanket- in the comfort of my home, and watching a movie.

As a teenager, my "Hollywood" crush was on Patrick Swayze. He was just so stink'in cute, a tough guy, cowboy at heart, an extremely passionate actor, a great dancer to boot and better yet--- I loved the fact that he was a fellow Texan.

I initially became a fan of Patrick Swayze's when my 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Skinner, showed my classmates and I the movie, The Outsiders (after we had read and discussed the book in her English class).

The Outsiders, 1983

I remember my brothers and I renting Red Dawn from our local video store and watching it like a "bazillion" times. Patrick stole my heart with his rugged, tough yet loving portrayal of the older brother, Jed who was the leader of a pack of youth trying to escape a full scale invasion of America by foreign military troops.

Red Dawn, 1984

Not long after, I especially enjoyed watching him play the role of Orry Main in North and South (an epic television mini-series set in the American Civil war period). I literally was glued to our t.v. set at home watching this one each night it came on! Needless to say, not much homework was completed while this was showing on the tube...

I'd have to say though that my all time favorite movie of Patrick's has to be, Dirty Dancing. I crack-up today as I remember going to see this movie with my grandmother, Nanny, when I was a freshman in high school!! I don't think either one of us knew what this movie was going to be about- but we both ended up loving it.

And then, who will ever forget his role in the movie, Ghost. I don't think we will ever look at clay and a pottery wheel the same!

Sadly, today is another reminder of the fact that if you live long enough, you undoubtedly will experience the loss of people in your life who well, have just always seemed to be there as the steady figures. Whether it be loved ones from your family, close friends, or people you have never met yet may have watched them "on the big screen of Hollywood" since you were very young and feel like you know them. Unfortunately, today is one of those moments for me.

Patrick Swayze passed away today after a long and courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 57 years old. While not a perfect man, nor someone that I knew personally, he did appear by my observance to live his life to the fullest, loved his wife with all his heart and utilized the many talents which God gave him to entertain us over the years. He will be missed.

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