Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Helping Hand

Recently our family had the opportunity to provide some meaningful service.

We helped unload a diesel trailer filled with humanitarian aid (school kits for under privileged children, baby blankets, clothing and sanitary kits) sent to the Rio Grande Valley from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS church). The beneficiaries of the aid are not limited to people of the LDS faith- in fact, the majority are of other faiths or no faith at all.

Noah really got into the full swing of things. He helped carry boxes. He pulled a dolly. And well, he enjoyed entertaining everyone.

It was humbling to see some of the recipients that came to collect the much needed items. One of the women who was a beneficiary of the supplies brought homemade breakfast tacos for the unload crew to show her gratitude.

While we were wore out and sore from the 4 hour unload in 100 plus heat, it was a powerful reminder of how truly blessed we are to have a nice home, good education and ample resources to live a comfortable life.

It was also nice to learn that the LDS church (our faith) sends a truckload about every six weeks to this area. I was impressed, though not surprised, that the church does not seek any media or public relation fanfare for this service. As I understand it, this and other types of humanitarian aid are distributed throughout the world on a regular basis by the LDS church. It is not done to aggrandize- thus no public recognition or attention, it is simply done to bless the lives of those in need.

Christ-like service in action.


  1. SO cute! He's a little helper! We love and miss you guys.

    P.S. Sofia is putting on some weight. LOL. I don't know what it is either b/c we walk her every day... guess she's happy :-)

  2. so glad to hear she is doing so well...we miss you guys, too!


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