Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Safely landed...

Daddy and son working and sweating to load the moving van...

Our little family has safely landed in our home in South Texas...yippeee!! It is such a relief to have this move behind us. For weeks leading up to the move date, the hubby and I were dreading all that it would entail....

1. the packing,
2. the loading of the moving van,
3. the 28 hour drive to our destination with a full-blown Toddler son in tow and 100 lb. lab and then once we reached our destination,
4. the unloading of the moving van in 100 + degree weather at our new home in Texas (yet, the hubby totally surprised me upon my arrival at the new house- he had traveled on down a day ahead of me and hired some guys to unload the moving van and when I walked in the house, all the furniture- including all the beds- were completely assembled and set up- my husband ROCKS!)...
5. the unpacking of box...after box... after box and - lastly...
6. setting everything up in the new house while trying to entertain a Toddler son...

WHEW!!!...Thank goodness that is all behind us!

Thankfully we were blessed to have safe travels the entire way here. My mom (truly an angel) was so kind to offer to make the drive with me and little man in the van from her house to our new home. She stayed with us for a week and watched/entertained Noah while the hubby and me unpacked everything and set the house up. Her time here meant so much to me especially since I knew her flight home was something she was dreading-- she absolutely hates to fly and fears it terribly. We are so grateful to her and all her help in making our move much more bearable. Mom you are the best!! I also have to thank all our dear friends from our Buena Vista ward that came out in droves to assist us in getting the Virginia house packed and loaded in the moving van. We were truly humbled by the help our church family and friends provided us. Thank you...thank you...thank you.

Now that we are nestled in our home, I must say we absolutely LOVE our new life here in the RGV and I would be lying if I didn't admit that I especially love living so close to "civilization "again. Admittedly, living in Buena Vista, Virgina provided an absolutely beautiful landscape to enjoy and we met so many life-long friends while living there, yet for this 21st century woman, I did not enjoy living so far from the conveniences and luxuries one likes to indulge in without having to drive an hour to get to--- i.e. Target, Kohls, Barnes & Noble, "the" Mall, Chick-Fil-A, stadium movie theaters, the beach, restaurants galore and the list goes on and ,I find all of this within (literally) 2-5 minutes of my home (well everything except the beach- it's an hour and half away). is good!!


  1. Welcome back to Texas! I'm excited for you and your family.

  2. glad you're there and getting settled
    miss you all


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