Friday, August 21, 2009

KiKi and the Beach

Mom taking in the beach's definitely not a Destin, FL beach, but still beautiful and relaxing.

My mom trying to convince little man to get in the water...

Little man and KiKi searching for shells...

I just love little man in his beach gear holding his can't really tell from this picture, but the swim trunks are a bit like a speedo (they're pretty darn tight), so when he gets older and sees pics of him in this outfit, he'll probably hate me for putting him in it!

uring my mom's stay, she loves the beach, so we couldn't miss out on going to South Padre Island for a day to let her see the ocean. It turned out to be an eventful trip there (with a few bumps in the road that sidetracked us and made the trip longer than it should have...ha..ha.. let me just say due to a little "Jennifer Diane" drama) but we eventually made it to the island. It really is nice living only an hour and half from the beach I must say!!

We didn't stay too long-- mainly due to the fact that since we weren't staying at a hotel/condo, we had to use the public beach access and ...well, how should I say this? Hum, let's just say there were a few shady/questionable looking characters
who were camped out next to us (only way I know to describe these men while still being polite) , so we decided to be safe and cut our beach time short. Needless to say, we still had enough time to soak it all in....felt the wonderful coastal breeze against our skin, the warmth of the sun on our faces and let the waves soak our feet as we stood in the sand. Little man wasn't too sure about getting in the salty ocean water with the waves coming was icy cold too, so he definitely didn't like that and in the end, little man opted to stay in the sand and dig for shells.

It was a nice day at the beach and I have to say, my favorite part was watching my mom and son hang out together searching for shells.
Little man loves his KiKi so very much.

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  1. We love Destin FL too. Looks like you had a nice day anyway. Glad you made your move safe and sound.


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