Monday, August 24, 2009

A grandparent's love

Little man getting some extra, special attention from his grandmother...

Noah giving Pop a tour of our backyard which as you can tell is a golf course...

Noah loved it when Pop would chase him...

The "mammoth" slide that Noah wanted to try and slide down on his own...

Taking a peek from the top before his gutsy move....still not too sure about this...

Pure joy when he reached the bottom and he said to his mommy, "I DID IT!!!!" After that, we couldn't get him to stop sliding down it.

My hubby's parents came in town last weekend for a visit. We enjoyed their time here and giving them our own personal tour of the McAllen area where we live. They, like us, were surprised at how the area has grown since we lived here five years ago. My in-law's are home builders and were awe-inspired by the amazing architecture of the homes. Noah especially loved having Janet and Pop stay at "his" house. While here, he had fun showing them all of his cars, trucks, airplanes and tractors. Before they left town, we took them to this great park in our neighborhood where they enjoyed seeing Noah play, swing, slide and run around.

I must admit, seeing my son candidly enjoy his grandparent's visit reminded me of my childhood and when my grandparents from Dallas (Mimi and Pawpaw) would come to visit us. To this day, I vividly remember being overjoyed for them to come and visit and the anticipation as I awaited their arrival was almost overwhelming for me. I would wait by my bedroom window and peer outside waiting to see their car pull up our long driveway. I couldn't wait to show them my room, my new dolls and share with them all that was going on in my life. And each time - upon their arrival, without fail, they were always so excited to see me and my brothers. My grandmother Mimi , seemed so interested in being with me and hearing all that I had to share with her about my life. To this day, I can still hear the way she would say my name upon first seeing me with her arms held out wide to hug me. I sure miss her...

Undoubtedly, I always felt loved and appreciated by my grandparents. It is even more special to me now as an adult to understand how they each had their own unique way of showing me they loved me. But even more so, from these special relationships, a lasting lesson I learned is how a grandparent can have a lasting, positive impact on a child's life and their self worth. How thankful I am that my son has four grandparents and a great-grandmother who love him dearly and give so much of their time, love and attention to him...what a blessing this will be to him for the rest of his life.


  1. I love all these pictures! Looks like a great time.
    Very true about grandparents. I grew up without and always felt their absence. I am so blessed that my children have wonderful grandparents who love and play with her.
    Can't wait to visit, when ever that may be, I'm thinking when it gets cooler! :)

  2. We're ready whenever you guys decide you want to come and visit!


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