Friday, July 3, 2009

"Mommy...Noah Happy"

While driving around town today, Noah signaled in his rather directive voice for me to go the more scenic route-- yes, my son has become quite the backseat driver these days. Some days his direction and need for control while riding in the car is a bit more loud and assertive than I would like, but what the hey, he's learning to assert himself and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Something his mamma wishes she would have learned to do at a much younger age.

So, back to the scenic we are driving around the golf course, looking at all the deer eating the grass and the following dialogue between mother and son began...

Noah: "Happy..." (with a sweet smile on his face as he is looks at me)

Desperado Mom: "Noah, are you happy sweetie?" (as I look back at him in the rearview mirror while driving)

Noah: raises his hand and pats his chest with the biggest and sweetest smile and says, " Mommy, Noah happy..."

Oh, this is the good stuff every mommy and daddy wants to hear from their child. While fleeting it may be like when the next temper tantrum and face-off ensues over him not wanting to eat his dinner, no matter, this is one of those precious gems I will have to hold on to forever. His sweet and tender statement from the heart warmed and touched my heart today. What a blessing my sweet son is to my life. Man oh man, my dearest son, mommy loves you with all her heart and your happiness means the world to me and your daddy!!!


  1. What a sweet moment...and a SWEET boy!!!

  2. Jenn, he is SO sweetly adorable! I applaud you for writing this down so you'll remember it and also for sharing it with us!


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