Monday, June 8, 2009

A much needed vacation...

On May 21st, I flew to Texas for a 2 week stay for some much needed R&R with my family. Noah went with me and what a great trip it was. Now I will say the airplane flight there was a complete nightmare. Noah is no longer a lap baby, so he had to ride in his own seat next to me and he absolutely flipped out when I had to buckle him in. He screamed, kicked and yelled for the first hour of our 3 hour flight. I thought I was going to lose it at one point!!! I was so embarrassed but at the same time, felt so bad for him. I felt completely helpless because everything I tried to do to calm him did not work. Thankfully, there were several nice passengers sitting around me who helped me with him by offering treats that they had with them and other tricks we could use to calm his nerves. Let's just say when I got off the plane, I wanted to kiss the ground! I had hives all over my neck from the stress!!! Whew!! The joys of parenthood!! Thankfully, the flight home went much smoother. I was I guess you could say, over-prepared this time with every treat imaginable, new books to read, coloring books, and a newly wrapped puzzle from his Aunt Kat--great idea Katherine, it worked like a charm.

I have posted several pics from our trip (in no particular order). While I hated that Jody couldn't join us, I have to say the respite to East Texas was just what my mind and body needed, especially since we have our rather big move to Texas looming over us these next few weeks. But let me just say that after being back in the Lone Star State, it made me that more happy to think that we will be living there again in several weeks!!

Also, I have to say I am amazed at how fast our trip went. While I was able to squeeze many visits in trailing from East Texas to Dallas; however, even with all of those there were still a few friends I had hoped I would have time to see while there but there just weren't enough hours in the day. But it's like Jody reminded me, we will be back in several weeks, so I should have the opportunity to catch up with them then.

Me with my Aunt Karen- it is always so much fun to hang out with Aunt Karen and chit-chat about life.

Karen, with her two daughters (my cousins) Rachel and Laura with Noah. Rachel is a junior at Texas A&M University and applying to dental schools in Texas right now. Laura is a recent graduate of New York University and is in the process of relocating to Austin to begin her music career. She is an amazing vocalist! She told me during our visit that if the singing gig does not pan out, she will be applying to law school. These girls are so talented!!

Noah showing his muscles with cousins Rachel and Laura- too funny!!

Oh, these three are quite the hams aren't they!!

Mom a/k/a Noah's KiKi, taking a walk with Noah to look at the neighbor's miniature horse, donkey and goat. Mom really got a work out during our visit. Noah wanted to go on these walks at least 2-3 times a day.

My uncle Bill has had an annual Memorial Day party for over 25 years now. For various reasons, we have not been able to attend for several years, so this year, I was so happy that we were able to attend. Noah Riley had so much fun, as you can see above...

Uncle Bill is a die-hard University of Texas (Hook'em Horns) fan...Noah loved it!

Aunt Stevie, always the best host, and her sister. So great to see them both. It is amazing how much they look alike. You would think they were twins....

Uncle Kerry and I catching up at the party- he is so hilarious!! So good to see him...

My dad getting his surprise by our early arrival. My parents thought Noah and I were coming in on Sunday, the 24th, but we surprised them (with the help of my sister-in-law's) and came in a few days early. They were quite surprised to say the least to walk in my brother's house and see us there!

That's me getting one of my Dad's great big bear hugs!

Brent, Brian and Lola...

My niece, Baby Lola...she is such a doll and so tiny at 7 months!

More of my extended family hanging out at my parent's surprise 40th wedding anniversary party we threw them while I was in town. It was so great to see some of my family there that I had not seen in years.

Some of the great grub we had at the party- my sister-in-law's pulled pork is amazing!

Celebrating my youngest brother, Jeff's 31st birthday while in town...Happy B-day Jeff!

Mother, getting her surprise that we were in town early...she was so happy to see us!

My sister-in-law's Sheri and Katherine...they helped me pull off the early surprise visit! Thanks are awesome! Love ya lots!!

Katherine and Lola having fun together...the first 2 nights of our visit we stayed with Katherine and my brother Brian. Noah had great fun playing with his cousins, Ava and Lola.

While in East Texas, we got to hang out with Jody's family quite a bit. Noah especially loved getting to play with his cousins Judge and Tucker. I couldn't believe how much these guys had grown since I saw them last. Anywhere these boys went, Noah was right behind them doing his best to keep up. It was so cute!

Jody's sister, Teresa...isn't she beautiful, with her two sons, Judge and Tucker.

Jody's Dad, Jesse a/k/a "Pop" to all his grandkids. He and Noah had fun hanging out together outside- driving tractors together and relaxing on the hammock.

Noah feeding the donkey and miniature pony at my parent's home in East Texas.

While in Dallas, we let the kids play together on numerous occasions at the mall parks. They are the neatest things. Noah had a blast and didn't want to leave!

Poppy, my dad, bought the grandkids a miniature golf bag and clubs to match. He is an avid golfer and hopes to pass on this love to his grandkids. It was so sweet to watch him teach Noah how to swing the golf club. Of course, Noah was more interested in the bugs he saw in the grass or the bird flying in the air...

Noah driving the tractor very intently with his Pop...

Jody's mother, Janet, can play the piano beautifully. I love this picture of Noah exploring her piano for himself while we were there. I sure hope we can foster his music abilities over the years. He really seems to enjoy music.

While there, my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Wow!!! I am so proud of them and thankful to have such loving and caring parents. Their example of a true partnership and love for one another continues to have a lasting impact on me and my family. Congratulations Mom and Dad- we love you!!!


  1. great pics. hate we didn't get to see ya'll while ya'll were here. that is a fantastic shot of your parents..they are both so photogenic. hope to see you soon

  2. me too, we should be in town for a few days in late July- early August, so let's try and connect then. take care jaime!

  3. What a fun trip! I loved seeing your son with his grandparents and cousins. When do you move to Texas?

  4. We should be down there by August 1st. We're a little frustrated because our house has not sold here in Virginia- so it looks like we are going to just have to lease a home for a while in Texas until this place sells. Ugh! Either way though it will all work out- I am just ready to be back in the Lone Star State.


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