Monday, June 22, 2009

Frank's for the Memories...

In our little town which we have called home for the past 2 years, there is this great little place to eat right in the center of downtown called Frank's for the Memories. Let me be the first to admit that I have a real weakness for hot dogs and hand's down, Frank's probably has one of the best dogs I have ever eaten. For me, what makes their "dog experience" so great are their unique buns---to die for! Sadly, ole' Frank's has been closed for a few weeks for some renovations, but on Saturday, during our leisurely walk downtown, we discovered they had re-opened and well, we were so there --money in hand to buy us some dogs!!!

Noah patiently waiting for his reality though, he only sat still for maybe 1 minute and then enjoyed running around and chatting with all the other customers the rest of the time! Oh my goodness he has so much energy!!

During our wait for the dogs to arrive, I walked around town for a minute and took a few pics of our cute little downtown. I LOVE our quaint little in history and isn't it beautiful??

The hubby and I found this pretty humorous...saw it in the storefront window of this little shop across from Frank's...oh my!!???

Noah overjoyed when the dogs arrived...ready to dig in and eat some grub!

Ahh...I think I heard choirs of angels singing as I was about to bite into my dog...Oh Frank's...just one of the many things I will miss when our time in Virginia comes to an end next month...Good memories we'll cherish always!

After enjoying our hot dogs, Noah just had to ride this 18 wheeler for a little extra fun...


  1. What's so special about their buns? Are they homemade?

    That bra sign caused to ponder on what a 56N size might look like and I really couldn't imagine it.

  2. You know...I need to ask to confirm whether or not the buns are homemade. I have always just assumed they were.

  3. LOVE the picture of Noah waiting for his hot dog!

  4. what a great post! i LOVE franks, especially karen who owns it. she used to save me my favorite meals when i was pregnant with gabe and worked at bank of america nearby. you will definitely miss franks when you're gone.... i do! :) noah is getting so big, and so dang cute!!!


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