Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First time quilter...

During my trip to Texas, one of the items on the very top of my To-Do List was to visit this quilt shop I have been hearing so much about. My sister-in-law raves about it and I see their ads in all the quilting magazines. The shop is nestled in Quitman, a small town in East Texas, and its name is Stitchin' Heaven. It is owned by a lady by the name of Deb Luttrell. The store was opened in 1996 and has flourished ever since then. They offer a wide variety of fabrics that are just stunning and unique. Additionally, they have ongoing classes for all quilting levels, sewing machines, quilt pattern books of all kinds and sizes and the ladies who work there are so helpful and friendly. When you walk in the door for the first time, they make you feel as if they have known you forever! What is crazy is that this little shop has been underneath my nose all these years and I never knew about it. Jill, my brother's new bride and my new sister-in-law, who is from Florida even knew about this shop. Both Jill and her mother are quilters and have made a few trips to the store in little 'ole Quitman. So, needless to say, my sister-in-law, Teresa, who is an amazing seamstress, has in the past few months begun quilting and said she would meet me at the shop to help me pick out a quilt pattern.

Now, let me just clarify here that I have NO IDEA what I am doing when it comes to anything with regard to sewing.

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I am still getting acclimated with my sewing machine- so this should be quite the adventure for me. But, hey, I have always wanted to learn how to make a quilt and what better time than the present since I have now embarked on this stay-at-home mommy gig!!

Here is my cute little quilt kit in the darling little Stitchin' Heaven tote they gave me!

Here is the actual quilt kit that I purchased. I just loved all the modern fabrics that it includes and that was the only request my husband had when I told him I was going to start on a quilt. He said, " Just don't make one of those old, ugly, country looking quilts!!" I had to LOL when he said this. But I couldn't agree just isn't our style.

This particular quilt pattern I chose is by Amy Butler and it is her Mid Mod Quilt. I absolutley love her fabrics and patterns!! The quilt kits at Stitchin' Heaven all come nicely packaged in these baskets with varying fabrics for blocks, borders, binding, pattern, and backing. Some of the kits only come with the fabric for the blocks, borders and binding- these are usually a little less expensive. However, since this is my first time and I live so far away from the quilt shop, I wanted to purchase a kit that had it all to get me started. This kit cost me around $120.00. Teresa and I worked on cutting some of the fabric while I was in town; however, we barely scratched the surface, so I have my work cut out for me in getting this quilt started and moving along.

Pictured above is information found on the back of each quilt kit in the store. It tells you what the kit contains and the size of quilt that the kit will yield. As you can see, mine is a 64 x 64 quilt throw. So a quilting here I go....

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  1. Yea for you! Good Luck on your quilt and be sure to show us the finished product!

  2. good luck! I love Amy Butler's fabrics too. Can't wait, maybe I'll follow in your footsteps.

  3. Thanks guys and yes, Katherine you should follow suit. Go to the shop in Quitman next time you are in G-town and check out what they have. Take Jill with you...


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