Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We're headed back to Texas...

Your Virginia Texans are headed back to TEXAS...Yipee!!! Yep, that's of August 1st, we will be living back in the great state of Texas- in the Rio Grande Valley area (a/k/a RGV). My husband has received a wonderful offer to practice law with one of his best friends and mentors in the legal field. We are also excited because we will be living closer to both our families- well, a little closer, basically we will have a 9 hour drive instead of our current 18 hour drive from here in Virginia. But, we can also fly and be at our parent's homes within 3 hours, so that is hard to beat.

While we were hoping Virginia might be a long-term fit for us, in the end, our native state was sorely missed and we realized during this journey that our son needs to be closer to his grandparents, great-grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins. We feel that it is important for his growth and development that he develop a strong bond with extended family members and it is just practically impossible to do this with us living so far away from all of them.

We are truly excited about this new adventure and are ready to establish roots in the RGV, and this time, for good!!! And, well, I would be lying if I didn't confess that I look forward to the free babysitting (hint..hint..Ki Ki/Poppy and Janet/Jesse) and secondly, I'm ready to go two-steppin' with my hubby and let him twirl me around the dance floor as we dance to a great Texas country band!!!


  1. Yea for ya'll! I agree that family cant be beat...God gave them to us for a reason. I bet your parents are estatic. They will probably be making that 9 hour drive a lot! Hope everything between now and then runs smoothly and you have a nice transition back to the ol' state of Texas! Welcome Home!

  2. Good for you guys. Matt mentioned something to me last time he was in VA. I have to say I miss not being able to go to the Valley this summer. Matt is there now and I am missing the Costa Mesa food and other great food down there. Good luck with the move and everything if I get down there I will have to look you all up. Where are you moving to?

  3. We are so looking forward to being able to eat at Costa Mesa on a regular basis! We're not sure yet where we will be buying a home. We are heading down there in a few weeks to look at some houses. I'll let you know when we decide Tia. You guys will definitely have to come stay with us for a visit when you are in the area!

  4. Woohoo! God bless Texas! We'll be glad to welcome you back home, girlfriend! You've been missed. I hope you make it to Austin at some point.

  5. Oh, wow! I'm so excited for you! That will be so much better to be closer to family. I know how hard it is! Congrats to hubbs on his new job!


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