Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 31st Jeff...

Now I must admit, I feel old today... my baby brother has now crossed the threshold into his thirties!

Dear Jeff ,

I have been reflecting today on some of our fun times together over the years. I remember some of the very early years- soon after you were born and I thought you were the cutest baby I had ever seen. I was only six years old at the time, but despite my initial disappointment that you weren't that baby sister I just knew Heavenly Father was sending my way- I was truly grateful to have you as my baby brother! You were always so cute when you wanted to join in on my slumber parties (I at the time in 8th grade and you just in 2nd grade)...all the girls just loved it when you would cuddle next to us in your sleeping bag as we watched movies well into the night. I especially have to laugh when I think back to you riding with me as I drove to Dallas for the first time in my Grand Am without Mom and Dad when I was just 16. We got lost for over 2 hours in downtown Dallas while trying to find Mimi and Papa's house in the "Grove"! I'm sure you remember poor Chi-Chi (our family dog) who was also in the car with us that night and when she went flying in the air when I pounced on the accelerator of the car to quickly escape the scary homeless man who came up to your window!

Jeff- on this birthday- I want you to know that your big sister thinks you are simply amazing! I admire your enthusiasm and positive outlook on life. I know life has not always been a bed of roses for you little brother. You have endured some tough times yet, you have faced life's adversities with a humble spirit and hopeful heart. When I think back to your decision to serve a mission- what a blessing it was to our family for you (the youngest sibling) to be the first in our family to choose to serve a mission for our church. Thank you for that decision and for the blessings it brought into my life. Your example of friendship and service to those you come in contact with has always been such an amazing characteristic of yours. Your great big bear hugs can lift anyone's spirits when they are having a rough day!

And, now- how wonderful on this birthday, to be a newlywed and to be able to celebrate it with your amazing wife, Jill- I couldn't be happier for you. The love you two have for one another is palpable and I wish you both all my love as you begin your married life together. What an exciting time for you little brother!

Have a fabulous 31st birthday Jeff and know that you are loved dearly by your big sis!!!!



  1. How exciting that your brother got married! I wish him and his new wife well, and a happy birthday.

  2. you are such a sweet sister jen...and i find it interesting you had a dog named chi did we!! and we call my sister jennifer...gigi too!! anyway you are sucha sweet soul and i know your brothers are equally grateful for you!!


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