Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quintruplets have arrived...

Exciting times for my cousin Casey and her husband Ethan who live in Austin, Texas...they are now the proud parents of five new healthy babies. Four girls and one boy...all weighing around 2 lbs. They also have a beautiful four year old daughter, Eliot, who I am sure is excited to meet her new baby sisters and brother. Mommy and babies are doing well. They expect that the babies will need to stay in the hospital anywhere from six to eight weeks.

I couldn't be happier for my cousin. She has such a sweet heart and these children are truly blessed to have her as their mother. Many Blessings Casey and Ethan!!

You can learn more about the Jones Family and their journey at their blog:


  1. How exciting! I'm going to try to volunteer for your cousin (in your behalf, because I know you'd love to be here to do it if you could) sometime to help out with the new babies when they get home from the hospital.

  2. Kelly...that is so thoughtful of you. And yes, I so wish I were living closer to them so I could help out. They are definitely going to need the help. I know they would be so grateful for you doing so.

  3. Jennifer, do you know how one would make a donation? Monetary or diapers or anything. I've been following their amazing story, I'd love to help. You can contact me via e-mail if you want. ~Amy Koyle~


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