Saturday, January 10, 2009

For the Vitamin Challenged!!!

For many, the beginning of a new year has a way of inspiring one to refocus their efforts on their health and fitness. I have been taking inventory of such things like what foods I eat, which "unhealthy" foods are my weakness, what type of work-out plan I can craft to work into my hectic schedule and what overall steps I can take to become a healthier individual from the inside out.

Taking pills in general has ALWAYS been a challenge for me. And, vitamins, well you can just forget it! They are usually the size of horse pills and stink to high heaven. As soon as they get close to my mouth I begin to gag!!! As a young girl, I can vividly remember one morning before I was to go to school, I was struggling with swallowing some pills. While at the dining table, eating my breakfast, my dad and I were having a "face-off" about me not being able to swallow them. The pills, as usual, were large (at least from my perspective) and I was not about to swallow them, even after the usual threats of a spanking or grounding. So, at the height of my Dad's complete frustration with me, he resorted to taking the pill I had already gagged and spit back out twice, dipped it in butter, tilted my head back and dropped it down my throat!! He then said, "It's time to go to school- you need to swallow the other 2 pills when you get there." and off we were out the door to school. Ha...I thought to myself, like I'm really going to swallow those pills!! Later that morning, during recess, I had the remaining 2 pills in my pocket and I distinctly remember tossing them on the ground from the top of the monkey bars, never to be seen again!!!

Fast, as a grown woman, I still suffer from a fear of swallowing pills. Unfortunately, now, instead of my dad hounding me about all the different techniques I need to use to swallow a pill, my dear husband has taken on that roll. It drives him crazy to watch me try and down a pill. He thinks it is all in my head and he may be right, but either way, I panic and usually have great difficulty getting one down. Needless to say, I discovered recently that Target now sells gummy bear ADULT vitamins. While I was there today, I purchased three different gummy vitamins: the multi-vitamin, vitamin-C and Omega-3. After trying them, I can say for any pill swallowing challenged individual out there, they are great! What a great solution to swallowing vitamins. I am no longer a vitamin challenged individual thanks to these tasty gummies!!


  1. IN YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!! Just like Carrots!

  2. I know...and the spinach, brocoli, squash, etc.

  3. Oh, my gosh. I don't recall your fear of swallowing pills. But, you're absolutely right. At least vitamins stink to high heaven. They'd make most people gag.

    It was great to see you and Jody over the holidays. It was a wonderful surprise.


  4. Hi Jennifer! How are you guys doing? We are doing great up in Pittsburgh. Noah looks so big in the pictures! They grow up too fast!! :)

  5. I'm so laughing!!! You are so funny!


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