Monday, August 4, 2008

First Day on the job

Today was my first day of work at Woods Creek Montessori. It was a little weird getting up at the crack of dawn and getting dressed in my "professional attire" again, but I'm sure it will begin to feel normal in no time. The day was pretty much a whirlwind of meetings and trying to get acclamated in my new workplace. I even had my first "disgruntled" parent to deal with- yippee!! I have to admit though that I was a little distracted by the fact that I was away from Noah all day, but thankfully, in a little less than 3 weeks, he will be joining me at the school when he starts the toddler class. I will say though that he had a ball today playing with our babysitter's daughter, so when I came home and found him laughing and playing with her, I was relieved to know that he didn't miss me much during the day because he had a playmate to keep him busy.

I am truly excited about my new job. Tonight, the school held a dinner at the home of one of the board members to welcome me and Jody to the school. It was a nice event and it gave us an opportunity to get to know the parents better and my fellow staff members and their husbands. Based on the meetings I had today, it is evident that I will be working with a wonderful group of teachers. I am equally grateful to have the administrative assistant/office manager that I have- she is such an asset to the school and will no doubt be a great asset to me as I step in to lead. After today, I am feeling the weight of this position because they have been without a Director for a few months; however, I am excited about the challenge and look forward to making any and all needed improvements for the betterment of this learning community.

I also had a chance to meet with Noah's teacher today. She is great and will be so good for him. She encourages a great deal of discovery in her classroom and incorporates science and nature in the lessons as much as possible- everything Noah loves!!! The Montessori model is a wonderfully effective experience for children at this young age becauses it allows self-discovery in a prepared environment. Noah will be working on skills such as practical life activities (washing dishes, picking up after himself after playtime, taking care of a class pet, potty-training, etc.) as well as working on his language development, math/sensory development, cultural studies, art and music. I can't wait for his first day!!!


  1. This sounds like such a neat experience. I hope that it continues to work out well for you and your wonderful family. What a blessing!

  2. Well that sounds like you'll be able to keep an eye on him and work too. I hope it goes well for you. Noah will love it, I'm predicting.


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