Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Survived my first day at Girl's Camp

With my calling at church with the 12-17 year old girls, I am asked to attend girl's camp during the summer. Today was our first day and I have to say, overall, it went pretty well. I am completely exhausted and came to the stark realization after hanging out with the girls that I am not getting any younger. Whew!!! I couldn't keep up with them!! Thankfully, our ward has a Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director to help oversee this event for me. Christy and Jenny have done an amazing job getting us ready for camp and I am soooo thankful for all that they are doing this week to make this such a wonderful event for all. Noah has been running a fever here lately, so I didn't get to stay overnight tonight (hence, that is how I am able to do this post this evening). In fact, since he has been sick, I had to take him with me today to camp because my babysitter has a young daughter who we didn't want to get sick, so this made for a particularly interesting first day of camp. Despite the terrible heat and humidity, he was such a trooper and the girls loved having him there to play with. He chased them all over the campsite and gave out as many kisses and hugs as he could. What a perfect situation for a ladies man like himself!! It was so funny, at one point Noah and I just needed a break from the heat, so I strapped him in his carseat in the truck and we headed into town for a McDonald's run. I mainly just needed a cold Dr. Pepper if you really want to know the truth. He and I both were soaked with sweat from setting up our campsite, so the first thing I did when I got in the car was turn the A/C on high and then started stripping what layers of clothing I could off while driving...!!! Thankfully Jody has dark tinted windows on his truck!! Noah probably thought I had absolutely lost it! We were gone for about an hour and it made a difference in my day to escape the heat for a bit.

I will head back over there tomorrow. Jody is taking the afternoon off from work to watch Noah so I can spend the night. I have to admit though that I am a little nervous about tomorrow because I have been asked to speak to the entire camp on self-esteem. Whew...that one is a tough one for me. I feel like I am the last person that should be speaking to them on this topic. It never ceases to amaze me how we are allowed to be stretched when we need it the most- I have spoken in front of audiences before on many different occasions but for me, speaking to a group of 85 teenagers is somewhat intimidating. I will say that based on what I observed today at our camp, these young ladies are all very sweet and sincerely seem to want to be there for the right reasons. I finished polishing the presentation tonight when I got home so now all I can do is say a prayer and hope all will go well!


  1. Oh, you'll be an excellent speaker for the young women. It's always a surprise to hear that someone that you think has it all together would say they lack in self esteem. You are amazing, Jennifer!

    I'm glad you could post about your first day, as my daughter is at camp this week too, and I miss her. The house is not the same when she's gone.

    Good luck camping overnight tomorrow!

  2. Your trip to McDonalds reminds me of going to Canton this past weekend. I stripped a layer of clothing in the car before we headed back out into the heat. It definitely helped but it was still unbearable. I hope you get pics of any pranks the girls might pull on you!

  3. You will do an awesome job, these girls are at such critical ages for this topic. They are so lucky to have you share your thoughts with them. Good luck on the overnighter, I hope Noah feels better soon.

  4. oh will do wonderful on your speech! i hope little noah is feeling ok. i saw your dad today for a good teeth cleaning and then took kids to hot hot! they were even asking to leave the playground! yikes..that's pretty bad! have fun at camp~


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