Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2008 Florida Family Vacation Memories...

Noah and I got in late last night from our vacation to Florida. What an awesome family vacation we had!! I was a little sad having to leave everyone again back in Texas, but I've already begun the countdown on my calendar for our next visit home.

Our trip actually began on June 18th when we flew into Texas (DFW airport). Jody opted to
not go on this vacation because quite honestly, he hates the beach and didn't want to burn what little vacation days he has on it. We were sad he could not go with us, yet, Noah and I could not miss the opportunity to spend time with my family.

We had an amazing time. For our vacation this year, we traveled to Perdido Key, Florida. Ever since I was in junior high, we have always taken our family vacations to Florida. In the past, we have stayed at Destin, Panama City, Pensacola and then a few times at the beach in Gulf Shores, AL. Our family just loves the beach...plain and simple. This year, my brothers, sister-in-laws and niece and nephew were able to make the vacation and we had so much fun hanging out.

We stayed in a stunning penthouse 4 bedroom condo right on the beach. The view was breathtaking. Noah and his cousin, Ava, had a ball playing together. She called him "her bubby" all week- it was so cute how attached they became.

I enjoyed getting to hug and kiss on my new nephew, Beck Lee. I couldn't believe how big he is for only being 2.5 months old. He is going to be a hoss!!! His Daddy is so proud!!

For dinner each night, a different couple cooked (since Jody couldn't be there- mother was my partner in crime for the meal). We had so much fun cooking for each other. As you can see below...I was enjoying it and hamming it up a bit. My dish was quick and easy...Sloppy Joes with sauteed peppers.

While we were there, it is tradition for us to eat at Lambert's Cafe (home of the famous throwed rolls) and the food was great. The guys had fun catching all the rolls and the fried okra was soooo good!!!

As tradition would have of the evenings we were there, the guys boiled shrimp at the condo and so we had a girls night out (with the exception of my dear son Noah a/k/a "the Ladies Man"- he wanted to skip the shrimp and go hang out with the girls). We had so much fun together. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful sister-in-laws!!!

Noah and I had some good mommy and son bonding time while we rode a ferris wheel!! He wasn't scared one bit...

Noah's favorite part of the whole trip was the garden hose that we had to use to rinse off when coming off the beach into the pool area of our condo. He was hilarious with it!! It was the only thing he wanted to play with the entire trip. I was really surprised he liked it because the water was freezing!!! But, that didn't seem to phase him. He would rinse himself off and insist on rinsing everyone else as well when they were coming off the beach. I just had to stand back and laugh.

I can only thank my parents a million times over for this wonderful vacation. It was the best ever!! We had such fun as a family laughing and joking around. Probably my favorite moment was after our family home evening with mom and dad- my brother Brian did an imitation of mom and her recent choking episode at my dad's office while she was having her teeth worked on. It was hilarious!!!! (She is quite the drama queen when it comes time to having dental work- thank goodness her husband is a patient dentist.) There wasn't a dry eye in the room because he had us laughing to tears!!! Yes, I would have to say, wonderful memories were made on our family vacation this year.

What a blessing it is to have such caring, loving parents who want to be involved in their children and grandchildren's lives. We love you mom and dad so very much and are forever thankful for all that you do to keep us so close as a family!!!

I plan on posting more pics, but until then, you can go to my sister-in-law's website, Ruby Room, to check out more of our family portraits on the beach. Katherine actually did these photos for us- you can see by the pics how talented she is at photography!! You go girl!!!


  1. Yes! You are very blessed to have the family you do. And, I feel very blessed to know all of you - I feel like I am a small part of your family as well.

    I hope you make it back to Texas SOON because I am dying to see you!

    I love you and I'm glad your vacation was wonderful!

  2. It was so much fun spending all this time with you. Hopefully we'll see you again in August to celebrate our kids 2nd birthday!

  3. awww i am so glad ya'll had so much fun. i am so jealous. we missed brian and katherine and jarom missed ava..wish i could've seen ya'll for a little bit..hopefully next time.

  4. That condo kitchen certainly looks impressive and the white sandy beach...lovely! What a fun trip. Too bad Jody missed out on the fun, but with limited vacation time, it's good to save it for something he'd enjoy.

  5. how fun!! these pictures are amazing! that's awesome noah came along to the girls night! what a little stud!

  6. What a fabulous trip! It sounds like everyone had a blast. I love the pics, and yes, Katherine did an amazing job with them. ~Amy~


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